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We have Searched Long and Hard to Find the VERY Best of The Office Funko Pops Available!

The Office Funko Pops list includes Funko Pops of the best scenes from the Dunder Mifflin mocumentary. 

The cult-like popularity of the series is in large part due to the very unique style of comedy and antics of Scranton paper supplier employees. 

The Office ran for 9 seasons from 2005 to its regrettable end in 2012.

The Office series changed the real-life culture of the coal town in Scranton, PA. 

Notable locations in Scranton still display a Dunder Mifflin banner to this day, such as; Steamtown Mall, Penn Paper Building, and Scranton City Hall.

The Office still has a HUGE following, so much so, that NBC is going to reclaim the series from Netflix in 2021. 

There is even scuttlebutt of a reboot. I have to admit that, since it’s the finale in 2012, The Office is still my favorite sitcom, probably of all time.

In order to pay homage to our favorite show, we decided to compose a list of the funniest The Office Funko Pops available to date to remember the good ole days. 

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Here is our The Office Funko Pops List


(Only true fans of The Office can appreciate this.)

Expandable Complete Reference Guide

869 Michael Scott Worlds Best Boss Funko Pop @ >>
870 Jim Halpert “Dave” Funko Pop @ Walmart >>
870 Jim Halpert Facebook Pop @ Walmart >>
871 Dwight Schrute Funko Pop @ >>
871 Dwight Schrute Blonde Hair Funko Pop @ Walmart >>
872 Pam Beesly Funko Pop – White Sneakers @ >>
873 Darryl Philbin Funko Pop @ Entertainment Earth >>
874 Kevin Malone w/Chili Pot @ >>
875 Prison Mike Funko Pop@ eBay >>
876 Dwight Schrute Hay King Funko Pop @ eBay >>
877 Jim as Goldenface @ eBay >>
878 Andy Bernard Banjo Funko Pop @ Walmart >>
879 Jim as Dwight Funko Pop @ >>
880 Jim 3-Hole Punch @ Ebay >>
882 Dwight Schrute w/ Bobblehead @ Ebay >>
904 Date Mike @ Walmart >>
905 Dwight as Elf @ Entertainment Earth >>
905 Dwight as Elf (Autographed) @ >>
906 Dwight as Belsnickel @ >>
907 Michael as Classy Santa @ Walmart >>
927 Dwight Schrute w/ CPR Mask @ Walmart >>
938 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops @ ToynkToys >>
972 Stanley Hudson Pretzel Day @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
1004 Dwight Schrute Jello Funko Pop @ >>
1005 Michael Scott Survivor Funko Pop @ >>
1006 Florida Stanley Funko Pop @ Walmart >>
1007 Casual Friday Meredith Funko @ Gamestop >>
1008 Kelly Kapoor Casual Friday Funko Pop @ >>
1009 Dwight Princess Unicorn Funko Pop @ Ebay >>
1010 Dwight Schrute Sith Lord Funko Pop @ >>
1015 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops @ Ebay >>
1024 Angela Martin Funko Pop @ Gamestop >>
1041 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops (Autographed) @Hollywood Memorabilia >>
1044 Michael Scott Straight Jacket Funko Pop @ Hot Topic >>
1045 Dwight Schrute Scranton Strangler Funko Pop@ >>
1046 Jim Halpert No Nonsense Sign Funko Pop @ >>
1047 Jan Levinson w/Wine Glass & Candle @ >>
1048 Kevin Malone Tissue Box Shoes @ Walmart >>
1049 Dwight as Pam @ Walmart >>
1059 Michael Klump @ Walmart >>
1060 Michael Scarn @ Walmart >>
1061 Andy Sumo Suit @ Walmart >>
1062 Dundie Award @ Walmart >>
1072 Dwight Schrute as Kerrigan @ Walmart >>
1103 Dwight Schrute Basketball @ Ebay >>
1103 Dwight Schrute Basketball Chase (Skins) @ eBay >>
1104 Creed Bratton Chase @ Walmart >>
1107 Creed Bratton Mung Beans @ Walmart >>
1120 Michael Scott Basketball @ Walmart >>
1130 Ryan Howard Dark and Blonde Hair Version @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
1131 Phyllis Vance @ Walmart >>
1132 Oscar Martinez @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
1145 Stanley Hudson Samurai @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
1156 Jim Halpert Sumo @ eBay >>
1159 Angela Martin Fun Run @ Gamestop >>
1061 Andy Bernard Sumo Suit Funko Pop @ Walmart >>
1170 Michael Scott w/ Crutches @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
1171 Dwight Schrute Pumpkinhead @ Gamestop >>
1172 Pam Beesly w/ Teapot @ ToynkToys >>
1173 Oscar Martinez w/ Scarecrow Doll @ Entertainment Earth >>
1174 Erin Hannon Happy Box @ Gamestop >>
1175 Kevin Malone Superhero @ Books-A-Million >>
1176 Younger Michael
1178 Dwight with Blow Torch @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
Michael Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Pre-Order @ Big Apple Collectibles >>
The Scranton Boys 2-Pack @ Amazon >>
Toby vs. Michael 2-Pack (Toby Holds Rock With “Suck on this!” Post-It Note@ Entertainment Earth >>

Here are Our Favorite Pops from the Office Funko Pops List

1. Jim Halpert Funko Pop as Facebook

Jim Halpert is probably known as much for his simplistic original Halloween costumes as he is for his office antics. 

The Facebook Jim Office Funko Pop is inspired by the clip Haunted Warehouse where Darrel is frustrated that he asked for a list of characters for his tour and keeps getting the names wrong. 

Among his errors, likely due to lack of interest, Darrel identifies Jim’s character as Book Face.

2. Classy Santa Funko Pop

Upon learning that Toby Flenderson will be taking a leave of absence to serve as a juror on the Scranton Strangler case, Michael learns that his newest and final soulmate, Holly Flax, will be returning to the Scranton office.

Michael tells Pam Halpert to plan a classier Christmas party. 

After all the preparation and, more importantly, Michael’s anticipation, Holly returns, still in a relationship with AJ from the Nashua Branch.

3. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop with Dwight Bobblehead

Our next favorite from The Office Funko Pops list is Dwight Schrute with his bobblehead from Angela.  It’s like a twofer.

It’s Valentine’s Day at Dunder Mifflin. Some are more concerned than others about pleasing their sweetheart. 

As Dwight frets over what to get Angela, she has found the perfect gift for him. 

The only thing that could satisfy the superiority of Dwight Schrute would be none other than his own bobblehead.

4. Kevin Malone Funko Pop with Chili

In likely the most pitiful moment of all 9 seasons, Kevin Malone makes an annual monster pot of Kevin’s Famous Chili, where Kevin is up the night before pressing garlic and dicing whole tomatoes.

It is a generational Malone recipe. 

The only problem is that the elevator is out, forcing Kevin to lumber up the dual flights of stairs to the office.

Upon arrival, Kevin labored and sucked oxygen to maintain control, only to drop the chili pot, making a complete mess of the office floor.

5. Jim Halpert Goldenface Funko Pop

Threat Level Midnight, Michael Scott’s screenplay discovered in the second season, is fulfilled in a private viewing at the office. 

After ten years of writing, shooting, re-shooting, and editing, the film includes Jim Halpert as the villain who plans to blow up the NHL All-Star Game.

6. Toby vs Michael Pop

This is one of my favorite scenes from the entire series, and I could not help but pull this from The Office Funko Pops list.

AH! The epic struggle between Michael, the bad boy, and the corporate puppet Toby Flenderson is a theme that is constant throughout the series.

Upon hearing of Toby’s announcement to leave, Michael decides to do Toby’s exit interview to exact some revenge. 

This two-piece Funko Pop version of their struggle depicts the going away gift Michael bestows—a rock with a post-it note that states “Suck On This!”

7. Andy Bernard Funko Pop With Banjo

No one can question Andy Bernard’s ability to tickle the strings on a banjo. 

Andy’s meltdown over criticism of his online musical display and his version of Foggy Mountain breakdown were memorable moments.

Andy even tried to woo Pam Beesly with his musical adroitness. 

But, likely the most memorable of all is when Andy and Dwight try to entice the attraction of Erin Hannon with competing versions of the John Denver song “Take Me Home Country Road”

8. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop as Hay King

Child entertainment for the Schrute family was like living in the 1700s. 

Dwight always has a way of pulling the outdated traditions of Schrute Farm into the modern era, regardless of consequences and without shame.

Dwight decides to bring Hay Place to reality in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, where the kids can enjoy a hay ride in the Dunder Mifflin box truck and compete for the title of Hay King.

But, don’t get your hopes up, kids. Dwight’s superiority complex demands he declare himself the Hay King. 

Don’t forget! “The petting zoo closes at 2 and the goat roast is at 3.”

9. Prison Mike Funko Pop

Struck by jealousy of the attention that Martin Nash is getting for serving time on a white-collar charge.

Michael Scott decides to scare his employees straight to show them prison isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Enter Prison Mike. A man with an exhaustive record of stealing, robbing, and kidnapping the president’s son. 

He has tons of intel on prison life. Half from serving and a half from researching on the internet.

He describes the horrors of prison life by explaining that you can only eat gruel sandwiches and omelets and your own hair.

But the worst thing about his prison experience was the Dementors flying all over the place that come down and suck the soul out of you!

10. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop in CPR Mask

Arguably one of the funniest scenes throughout the series is the CPR class. Most definitely one of my favorite funko pops from The Office Funko Pops list.

I will never again be able to do CPR or the class without thinking of the Bee Gee’s song Staying Alive.  Most notably, the line “Nama Nama Nama Nama Nama, Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive!”

The training really kicks in when the patient dies and Dwight takes over.  It’s time to harvest the organs. 

Armed with nothing more than a hunter’s knife, Dwight makes a very over-the-top incision and afterward pays homage to the psycho-thriller Silence of the Lambs by cutting off the dummy’s face.

11. Michael Scott Survivorman Funko

Ryan Howard invites the branch managers of Dunder Mifflin and Toby Flenderson on a corporate wilderness retreat.

Toby returns to the office to brag about the trip when Michael learns he was not invited.

As usual, Michael has to overcompensate for his insecurities and prove to all that he is capable of surviving deep into the Pennsylvania wilderness.

Armed with a video camera, a hunting knife, duck tape, and his two-piece suit, Michael sets out on his adventure.

After fashioning a shelter, Michael searches out his first meal, which turns out to be poisonous mushrooms.

12. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop with Stapler in Jello

The prank that started them all had to be pulled from The Office Funko Pops List.

One of the earliest of many pranks that Jim Halpert played on Dwight Schrute was the now classic stapler in Jello. 

As Michael is introducing the new temp, Ryan Howard, to the old heads, Dwight discovers his stapler has been molded inside a plate of jello. 

Dwight’s frustration peaks and he demands disciplinary action against Jim. 

Michael goes into conflict resolution mode which quickly drops off into a search for puns between punishment and jello-related foods.

13. Florida Stanley Funko Pop

“Life is Short Drive Fast and Leave a Sexy Corpse.” This is the motto of Florida Stanley. 

When picked for the Special Project Team for Florida, a new Stanley emerges.

Stanley jumps at the chance to be without his family during the trip to Florida.

While in Florida, Stanley rents a hot red convertible and hits the town, flirting with other women. 

Stanley tries to mentor Jim in the ways of Florida Stanley and introduces him to drinking on the job. 

In the end, Florida Stanley proves to be too much for Jim to keep up with but leaves him impressed. 

14. Meredith Palmer Funko Pop – Casual Fridays

Meredith Palmer is probably the hottest mess in The Office series. 

She is an alcoholic and has a proclivity for loose mating habits, with a subtle interest in Jim Halpert at times. 

Toby Flenderson’s Casual Fridays are challenged when Meredith comes to work scantily clad in an outfit that would cover less than a bath towel.

Toby tries to confront Meredith because her outfit is revealing nature’s secrets to other employees. 

When she adjusts her outfit to cover, she reveals what is left to the imagination to be her breast. 

This Funko Pop even includes a blurred screen to keep it PG-13.

15. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop as Elf

It’s Secret Santa time and Dwight is the Elf in charge. 

After laying out the party rules, Dwight begins to receive pieces of what he believes to be a gun that when completely assembled has extra parts. 

Stanley points out the obvious that Dwight is zealously overthinking it. 

This Dwight Elf Funko Pop portrays Dwight and his “gun” and his extra parts that turn out to be a nutcracker.

16. Jim Halpert Funko Pop as Dave

Sometimes the best moves come through simplicity. Halpert’s Halloween costumes were always a favorite of ours, which is why we pulled this Funko Pop out of The Office Funko Pops list to feature.

Always looking to be outdone by his other co-workers, Jim opts for simplicity when it comes to Halloween costumes. 

From a Three Hole Punch version of Jim to “Dave,” just an office worker with a name tag.

There is never a day without a reason for a party, and Halloween is one that The Office goes all out for. 

The Dave costume receives little attention in the episode, so we found the Top 15 Halloween Costumes where Jim displays his Dave name tag briefly.

17. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop as Belsnickel

At the behest of Jim Halpert, Belsnickel is nigh on this traditional Schrute Pennsylvania Christmas. 

Belnsickel is basically the authoritative dictator equivalent to Santa Claus. 

Cracking his whip and whipping others with his wad of wattlings, Belsnickel determines who in the office was naughty or nice.

As Jim announces his departure to go to his sports marketing job, Belsnickel rewards him with several wacks of his bundle of switches.

Of course, Meredith asks Belsnickel to turn his disciplinary measure into an erotic act.

18. Date Mike Funko Pop

It’s Happy Hour at The Office, where office employees and warehouse workers meet up for some drinks and entertainment. 

Pam and Jim’s friend Julie, whom they invited, start to take a liking to Michael. 

Michael makes the usual leap off the cliff thinking Pam and Jim invited her to set Julie and Mike up.

19. Dwight Schrute Funko Pop as Recyclops

Corporate mandated that The Office regional managers start a recycling program. 

Dwight decides to offer the services of Recyclops the progressively combative environmental mascot.

Starting with some very practical recycling ideas and surviving an assassination attempt by Poluticorn,

Recyclops devolves into a revengeful warrior hell-bent on destroying the planet he once so loved with aerosol cans and litter.  Only to give up shortly after discovering that he can’t save the world after all.

Nice try Recyclops!  You have earned a featured spot from The Office Funko Pops list!

20. Stanley Hudson Funko Pop on Pretzel Day

It’s Pretzel Day at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. There are a few things that get Stanley’s attention, and this is one of them. 

Stanley is an uninterested, leave me alone and let me do my work kind of guy. 

He wakes up every morning in a bed that’s too small, drives his daughter to a school that’s too expensive, and then goes to work to do a job for which he gets paid too little, but on Pretzel Day?

Well, Stanley likes Pretzel Day!

21. Jim As Dwight Funko Pop

Jim Halpert walks into the office in Dwight’s infamous mustard-colored shirt and tie, complete with the calculator watch, beeper, and wired framed glasses.

Oscar Wilde, the Irish playwright, famously said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…”, Dwight seems to agree at first. 

After a philosophical discussion on bears Dwight realizes what Jim is doing, then accuses him by yelling “Identity Theft is not a joke Jim!” 

We still don’t know the 2 schools of thought on the best kind of bear, thanks JIM!

22. Angela with Sprinkles Funko Pop

A little-known fact, Sprinkles was an imaginary cat made up by Angela very early on in The Office series.

She stated in a later interview that she “found her in the parking lot.”

Behind the scenes, she invited everyone in the office to Sprinkles’ birthday by writing it on a post-it note. 

The post-it note was kept on the glass partition of Angela’s desk til the end.

Arguably, Sprinkles was Angela’s favorite cat, that is, until Dwight killed her trying to cryonize her in Angela’s freezer.

23. Dwight as Pam Funko Pop

Dwight finally bests Jim in his best prank ever, be it an evil one. Jim proves the snow is not a “dusting,” by throwing a snowball at Dwight in the office.

Dwight sets up several snowmen in the parking lot to ambush Jim.

He continues to torture Jim, even going as far as dressing like Pam and sitting at her desk, where he initiates another onslaught of snowballs that finally break him.

The Dwight as Pam Funko even comes with Dwight ready to launch a snowball and the next one loaded in his other hand.

24. Michael Klump Funko Pop

During a weight-loss contest at Dunder Mifflin, Kelly goes on an extreme diet, risking her health. 

Holly is concerned for Kelly, and Michael wants to develop an intervention plan.

After semi-inflating his Sumo suit, Michael dons oversized clothing, and presto, another over-the-top, attention-craving alter ego of Michael Scott develops in the form of Michael Klump.

Once a character makes fun of fat folks, Michael repurposes the character to portray that big is beautiful.

25. Funko Pop Scranton Boys Set

Straight Out of Scranton comes the Scranton Boys with their national…well, regional…ok, office debut, Lazy Scranton, for the newcomers from the Stamford branch.

The video wasn’t too bad for a couple of amateurs, and its intent was to familiarize the new transfers with “The Electric City” (What?).

As usual, Michael’s production was a flop, much like his self-produced Diversity Tomorrow…Because Today is Almost Over video.

We hope you enjoyed The Office Funko Pops List and as we find more funny Funko Pop Vinyl figures that depict the greatest moments of The Office we will add them here.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back on occasion.

Hopefully, if you weren’t a huge office fan, you know someone who is and have some great unique gift ideas when the time comes.

Maybe you have recently become a fan, if so, welcome to the cult classic following.

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