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Reliable Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner & App For Smartphones


Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner & App for iPhone, Android, & iPad

The Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner Reads and Clears all the Codes it's Competitors can and Even the Ones They Can't.

Everyone knows a man that says, "I could probably fix that!" The Bluedriver OBD2 scanner increases the chance that he actually can!  Once paired thorugh bluetooth, the Bluedriver OBD2 scanner tool matches your vehicles make, model, and trouble code to the online database used by professional mechanics.  It then chooses the most likely fixes from it's database of over 30 million solutions, starting with the easy and affordable ones first.  This is all done from the free Bluedriver app on your iPhone, Android or iPad.

Your repair report will always result in a reliable fix option verified by Certified Professional Mechanics, so no more wasting time on Youtube or Google.  The Bluedriver OBD2 app displays live data through graphs, gauges, and digital displays, that can be color coded and rearranged to your specific needs.  The live data can also be exported into a printable file for future reference.  There is no other scan tool or code reader that offers this level of insight on how to repair your vehicle.  Your DIY mechanic will love this unique gift idea.

Here is what the most helpful review said about the Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner:

"...This app imo is awesome 1st I am a used car dealer I need a fast OBII that is accurate and that can do a basic scan of all vehicle to make sure the car can pass emissions and to check for trouble codes or pending codes when a check engine is not on. This does it plus so much more.

Another import aspect is I need something small to carry around auctions. It gets tiring even carrying a small OBDII that has a cord. This is perfect it can fit in my front pocket & for rainy days I just toss it in a waterproof wristlet.

Today I scanned about 50 cars nissan maximas/ altimas/quests/ muranos/ toyota siennas and prius honda accords, civics, odysseys, BMW 3 series 335 and 325, Porsche Boxster, VW Passats, Jetta, bugs/ Audi A4/ acura RSX and TL. Basically it scanned every car I needed it to. Now on some cars the extra features did not work but that is expected most handheld scanners cannot do certain advanced features unless you have a scanner specifically for Euro cars. And this is where I see alot of complaints from this device come in here.

This scanner can do alot of things, clear codes, read emissions readiness and it's accurate it went against my 400 scanner and everything it read this thing registered. Except I noticed on this bad boy I can see when the last codes where erased on a vehicle so I can weed out those dealer cars that clear codes on their problem child cars as they enter the auction.


 5 Months later and this little devise is my best friend. It goes to auctions 4 auctions a week and probably scans at least 50 cars per auction. Its never been glitchy or wrong. Its also amazing on a car lot scanning a vehicle in front of a potential customer brings car selling to a whole new level they can see the vehicles readiness monitors. SO I have a 2nd one now just for the sale lot. I absolutely love this item and the quickness of scanning a vehicle. I can scan vehicle almost on the auction block if need be for those cars that just appear that you never saw parked in the sale lot.." - Alina Martinez


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