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BogeyMan Egg Separator Is A Handy Snotty Nosed Kitchen Utensil


The BogeyMan Egg Separator is Just as Helpful a Kitchen Accessory as it is Disgusting.

The BogeyMan Egg Separator removes egg yolks from the egg whites by two small holes in BogeyMan’s nose.

Simply, crack an egg into the top of the man’s head then gently tilt toward the nose. Immediately the poultry phlegm begins to run out.

The sniveling egg white separator is basically a ceramic mug sculpted to appear as a sad looking, sick old man.

At the tip of the nose is a touch of red to enhance the appearance of nostril irritation. You can almost feel your own sinuses getting clearer as the runny nose does all the egg separating for you.

The runny nose BogeyMan Egg Separator is a bit more than 3 inches wide x 3 inches tall x 5 inches long.

The helpful kitchen accessory is sure to bring plenty of snorting laughter at your next gift giving event. Now, go enjoy those eggs you just fixed!

Where to Buy the Bogey Man Egg Separator

Ceramic Bogeyman Nose Egg White Separator
Ceramic Bogeyman Nose Egg White Separator
$17.39 $24.29

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