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Bomfy B Foot Pocket Blankets Cure Cold Feet!


Bomfy B Foot Pocket Blankets are Comfortable Throws with Foot Pockets Keeping Feet Warm & Comfortable.

Bomfy B Foot Pocket Blankets were specifically designed for those whose feet are incessantly cold.  The blankets are 6ft x 5ft so you can cover your entire body, not just your feet.

The foot pocket blanket is designed with a 26″ deep foot pocket to keep your feet and lower legs pleasantly warm.  The elastic band at the top of the foot pocket ensures a good snuggle factor while allowing enough room for comfort adjustments.

The Bomfy B Foot Pocket Blankets are super soft approaching that silky feeling.  The designers were able to maintain the perfect weight, not to heavy, like a weighted blanket, or too light, making it a perfect foot blanket for the couch and relaxation.

These snuggle blankets are large but depending on the individual may or may not be big enough for two, so you may want to buy two, if needed.

Bomfy Blankets come in Pink Lavender, Midnight Blue, and Heather Gray.  So, pick your favorite color and get your Bomfy Blanket while the sale is going on to save $10.00 on each!

Where to Buy Bomfy B Foot Pocket Blankets

Pink Lavender Bumfy Blanket
Pink Lavender Bumfy Blanket
$44.99 $54.99

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