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BonBowl: Induction Cooktop & Bowl For 15 Min Meals


BonBowl Induction Cooktop is a Must Have for Confined Cooking Spaces

The BonBowl Induction Cooktop & Bowl is ideal for cooking for one or while at the office, college dorm, or other limited spaces.  Not only does the innovative induction cooktop save space, it also allows you to cook in a bowl you can eat from, reducing dirty cookware.

Induction heating is generated from an electromagnetic field that heats your meal faster than gas or electric with less energy.  Highly accurate sensors ensure cooking at the precise temperature to ensure perfect cooking every time.

With the BonBowl Induction Cooktop, you can prepare basic recipes, pasta meals, breakfast, rice, oatmeal and more with your ingredients your way.  In less than 15 minutes, you will have a no mess, no stress meal ready to eat.

Induction Cooktop vs Electric

You may be asking yourself: Isn’t an induction cooktop run by electricity?  Yes, however, what makes an induction cook top different than and electric stove top is the way they heat.  With an induction cooktop, induction heating is produced as a result of electromagnetic radiation.

Electric heat occurs when the electric current flows through a metal conductor.  The friction released due to electron movement heats the metal burner and transfers the heat to your pot.  This type of heating takes much more energy.

Check out the innovative induction cooktop at The Grommet below.

Where to Buy the BonBowl Induction Cooktop & Bowl

 Induction Cooktop & Bowl by BonBowl
Induction Cooktop & Bowl by BonBowl
Cook and eat from the same dish

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