BonBowl Portable Induction Cooktop Is a Space Saver


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BonBowl Induction Cooktop is a Must-Have for Confined Cooking Spaces

Whether you’re a college student, live in an apartment, have little time to cook, or want to cook healthy for one, preparing the right meal, on a budget, in a small space can be difficult.

BonBowl has set out to make it quicker, easier, and more affordable to prep, cook, and eat the way you want.

What is a BonBowl?

The induction cooktop set is a compact portable cooking appliance that works on state-of-the-art magnetic induction to boil, fry, or seer your food.

The bowl will hold 550 grams of food, which is a little over a pound of food.  The bowl comes in two coating options, stainless steel, and nonstick (Containing no PFOA).

The base is 8″ x 8″ x 2.5″ and small enough to cook anywhere you have a little elbow room.

Bonbowl Portable Induction Cooktop

The induction cooking technology uses a magnetic field to heat the inside metal of the bowl for maximum energy efficiency.

The magnetic fields heat faster than electricity and gas with half the energy.

Equipped with special sensors, the portable induction cooktop cooks your food at the perfect temperature every time.

When you are done, toss the bowl in the dishwasher and you can sit back and relax without the mess.

Is BonBowl Safe?

Induction cooking technology does not produce large amounts of ambient heat, works without flammable gases, and is one of the safest ways to cook a meal in small spaces.

100% of the energy is directed to heating your food and not other things on your countertop.

How does the BonBowl Work?

Sure safety makes this a great small-area induction cooker.  But, what makes it even better is the simplicity of use in just four steps

  1. Fit the bowl onto the induction rod to secure the bowl.
  2. Add the ingredients to your bowl
  3. Set the cooking time and temperature (Low, Medium, or High)
  4. Then press Start

Bonbowl Portable Induction Cooktop

In a matter of minutes, your meal will be perfectly cooked and ready to eat.

If you are looking for a space-saving portable cooker, The compact cooktop replaces pots and pans and fits an area the size of a standard piece of notebook paper.

The portable induction cooker is the perfect cooking surface for small apartments, college dorms, or even your RV.

Whats Included in the Cooktop Set

Each Cooktop + Bowl combo will come complete with a cooktop, one bowl, and one bowl lid.  Additional bowls can be purchased.

Where to Buy the BonBowl Induction Cooktop & Bowl

 Induction Cooktop &Amp; Bowl By Bonbowl
Induction Cooktop & Bowl by BonBowl
Cook and eat from the same dish

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