Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses Safe Open Ear Shades for Athletes


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Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses Provide Hi-Fi Open Ear Audio While You Exercise

Bose Bluetooth sunglasses are specifically designed for the active athlete to hear crystal clear music through Bose Open Ear Audio Bluetooth technology.

IPX4 Bose speaker sunglasses are uniquely intended to endure the punishment of any workout by repelling the blood, sweat, and tears, while you fine-tune your body. (Oh…and rain too)

Bose Tempo Lenses

Bose Tempo Lenses are completely and quickly interchangeable in seconds. Just swap preferred lighting for your terrain or training conditions.

Road Orange Lenses

You can opt for Road Orange lenses with your Bose Tempo sunglasses that allow for medium-light reducing eye strain while in bright light and glaring settings.

Bose Frames Tempo Road Orange Lense

Trail Blue Lenses

Trail Blue lenses are medium to low light lenses that sharpen the image of what is ahead while mountain biking, hiking, or golfing.

This levels your vision during environments of sharp contrasting bright light and shadows.

Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses Trail Blue Lens

Twilight Yellow

As the name suggests, Twilight Yellow are low light lenses designed for early morning or late evening training.

The yellow low light lenses provide increased clarity during dark, cloudy, or foggy surroundings.

Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses Safe Open Ear Shades For Athletes

Bose Tempo Frames

Durability and performance are not a concern when it comes to Bose products.

While maintaining those qualities the Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses are also designed for comfort while you work out.

The Bose Tempo frames are weather and sweat resistant composed of rugged and durable TR-90 nylon with a unique acoustic mesh covering the speakers to prevent exposure.

Bose Open Ear Audio liberates you from the hindering use of headphones.

With Bose Tempo sunglasses you are more aware of hazards you may come across while training outside.

Bose Tempo Prescription Lenses

Do you wear prescription glasses and need them while training? Bose Tempo was designed for you too.

Bose Bluetooth sunglasses are prescription friendly so you can also enjoy the open ear experience and still be able to see.

Just visit, choose your Bose Frames with prescription lenses and you will be free from headphones in about two weeks.

Bose Tempo Controls

Bose Tempo controls are easily accessible and smoothly manipulated to provide you with the best audio experience.

Below you can see from the Bose Tempo User Manual just how easy it is to play your favorite music or take calls while you exercise.

To Power ON just press the button on the right temple.  The status light will flash twice and then glow according to the status of the Bluetooth connection.

To Power OFF either press and hold the button until you hear the tone or flip the glasses and lay them upside down.

After two seconds they will automatically shut off.Bose Tempo Controls

Bose Tempo Controls

Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses FAQs

Are the Bose Sunglasses Waterproof?

Yes. Bose Tempo Frames have an IPX4 waterproof rating which means they should be able to withstand water splashing from any direction without harmful effects.

Do Bose Sunglasses have a Microphone?

Yes. Bose Tempo Frames acts as an extension of the microphone in your mobile device allowing for voice commands, taking phone calls, and even speaking to SIRI or Google Assistant for any commands or info you need.

Are Bose Sunglasses Polarized?

Yes.  According to multiple reputable dealers we have researched, the interchangeable Bose Frames Tempo Lenses are polarized. 

Can people hear your music with Bose Sunglasses?

Bose Sunglasses are Open Ear Design meaning the speaker plays in the open air.  Others will hear a small noise at average volumes but go past 50-60% and you may find people start to dance around you.

Can Bose Sunglasses answer my phone?

Yes. Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses can play music, connect you to virtual assistants, and answer phone calls.

Where to Buy the Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bose Tempo Bluetooth Sunglasses
Bose Tempo Bluetooth Sunglasses
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