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Bottle Capper For Home Brewing Beer With Flag Caps


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Get one of the most popular bottle capper for home brewing with 144 oxygen barrier American flag caps!

With self brewed beer becoming more popular, 12,000 people per month are searching the internet to get their hands on this high quality bottle capper for home brewing.  Every beer connoisseur has their own special taste for the perfect beer.

The evidence of that is clear with more home brewing kits being sold daily.  Most home brewers work on limited space and a limited budget, their highest purchase quality is value.

Value is exactly what this superior performing bottle capper brings to the table….or the garage, or where ever you are brewing. The Red Baron home brew bottle capper has proven itself to last for years, even for the hardcore brewer.

A great price for a high quality product that saves space.  The only thing left to ask is can the Red Baron brew the beer for you.  And the answer is NO!  But, then again, no product is perfect.

Where to Buy the Bottle Capper for Home Brewing

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Here is a couple of useful reviews from purchasers:

My second purchase and still going strong: ” After years of use with my first capper, I finally ordered a second one. Don’t misunderstand: My first one still works fine, but I mean really. Can it last forever? Well, maybe. But, I use this sucker a lot.” – Timheretoo

Easy To Use: “After reading some reviews, I was a little concerned about getting this product. It turned out to be very easy to use. The cap is held magnetically, place over the bottle, push down on both handles until handles are parallel to work surface. And you have a perfectly capped bottle.” – R. Palek

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