BoxLock: Smart Internet Connected Padlock For Package Deliveries


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Boxlock Protects Your Packages from Sticky Fingers Until You Arrive Home.

While we all want to make sure we’re protecting our health right now, with all of this talk of viruses, there is something more to consider.

Did you know that people steal packages and other mail from neighbors or those close by? It happens more often than you might think.

Now, there is the Boxlock Smart Lock to protect your stuff.

What is this Boxlock Smart Lock we’re talking about? Thank you for asking random citizens!

It’s simply a box that your local mailperson or UPS/Fed Ex delivery driver can use to drop off packages at your home.

They simply put it into the slot on the box, and the Boxlock itself keeps all contents safe from possible porch pirates!

The overall system uses the Boxlock package delivery lock to ensure all packages and mail stay secure.

This lock is incredibly durable and tough, making it hard for anyone to break through.

Since most major delivery/mail carriers know of them, you won’t have to worry about them not using them for you.

The Boxlock is also quite easy to see, so even if the person delivering it is new, they’ll know where to put things.

What else makes this thing so awesome? Let’s dive into the special features and how the entire system works.

How Does The Boxlock Home Smart Padlock Work?

What if we told you that you could know whenever a package is delivered to your box, any time of day?

With the Boxlock Smart Lock, you get just that.

Since it comes with its own app that you can easily install, you can always track and keep up with any delivery you get from anywhere on the planet.

This is especially helpful when you’re on vacation and cannot be home for a delivery. Perhaps if you’re gone, you may want someone to get your mail or deliveries for you.

In that case, you can share a text or email with a one-time-only use barcode that the Boxlock Smart Padlock will recognize and open for them. It expires after this use, so they cannot use it again without your permission.

More good news for this is that it works with a large range of hasped storage containers. This is on top of sheds, gates, and, obviously, doors.

This makes it easier to put on pretty much anything that you need it to be on.

You may also want to know how it handles the weather. Not only does it work perfectly, but this thing can also handle the weather better than we do as humans.

It’s completely weather-resistant.

This makes it much easier to deal with on a regular basis. You never have to worry if it’ll operate.

On top of everything we just mentioned, it also works on a rechargeable battery. When on a full battery, it can last between 45 and 90 days.

We always love an efficient battery!

It connects to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or higher too. However, the latest models have even more connectivity capabilities.

Overall, we’re positive you’re going to love the Boxlock Smart Lock and you’ll likely even recommend it to others.

Where to Buy the Smart BoxLock Package Delivery Lock

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