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Bullet Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit Makes Great Man Cave Decor


This bullet shaped gun cleaning kit also dubs as awesome decor for a home bar, man cave, or garage.

The 50 piece bullet shaped gun cleaning kit by Wild Shot is a full cleaning kit with high quality tools for thorough gun cleaning and weapons maintenance.  The one thing a gun owner is in constant need of is gun cleaning tools as old ones wear out and this one has plenty.

In addition, gun owners typically have a varying collection of different firearms.  This bullet shaped gun cleaning kit has varying sizes of brushes to cover the most common hand guns and rifles found in most collections (see features below)

The uniquely shaped cleaning kit is practical for use in tight spaces and even packs away for your next outing.  It is compact and has an ergonomic layout for quick or thorough cleaning.  The bullet shaped gun cleaning kit from Wild Shot contains the easy-to-use tools you need to maintain your weapon like a professional.

If you or your gift recipient is more of a shotgun or rifle fanatic you can also check out our shotgun shell shaped gun cleaning kit.

Included With the Bullet Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit:

  • 3 brass cleaning rods with plastic grip
  • 5 mops
  • 2 solid brass adaptors
  • 2 plastic slotted patch holders
  • 25 cleaning patches
  • 1 double-ended nylon brush
  • 1 double-ended cleaning pick
  • 10 brass wire brushes
  • 1 empty oil bottle (so you will have to supply the gun oil)
  • Handgun Bullet Shaped Casing

The Bullet Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit can be used for the following firearms:

  • 12 and 20 gauge
  • .410 bore
  • .17, .22, .30, .38, .357, 9mm, .40, .45, and 270 caliber

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  1. Bought for my hubby for a birthday gift & he really loved it! As he’s gone through several gun cleaning kits, this one is way more universal, & has quite a few options to choose from to use to clean your guns! Impressed with the quality. Very satisfied! Love the fact you can take it anywhere because everything fits in the bullet, not to big, not too small! Looks awesome as well! Very cool idea!!

  2. CHEAP BULLET-PLASTIC. Kit inside could be bought way cheaper like 10-15 dollar price range, so if you just want the “bullet” shape novelty and you’re willing to pay a very high price for a poor quality very thin piece of plastic then great, but don’t expect it not to get cracked! I don’t see this being worth the price AT ALL. So basically you are getting a 10.00 cleaning kit and a 40.00 plastic bullet to hold it!

  3. Shipping was super fast and product is perfect husband loves it!

  4. I bought this way in advance for Christmas for my husband, back in November, didn’t go shooting for like another month after that and once we did we came home and used it…the handle on the cleaning rod broke on the VERY FIRST USE! I didn’t know anything about gun cleaning kits and this came out with pretty good reviews, I went to return it and our period of time to return it had expired the day before 🙁 I contacted the company to ask about it and they didn’t even know what handle I was talking about and never returned my messages after that. It makes the whole rod useless! Not only do I feel like an idiot for spending more than I realized was normal on a gun cleaning kit but it broke after one use on our AR-15. So frustrated, just don’t do it, or if you do be sure and use it thoroughly before your return period expires – I just had completely forgotten about it amidst the holidays.

  5. This was given as a gift and has, as yet been used. The only disappointment at this point is that the casing is plastic and I’m not sure how well it will hold up over time. Other than that, the novelty of the item, the apparent quality and the handling of this transaction has been AAAA+++

  6. got it for my husband and he loves it, i was a little worried about the order after teading the reviews on “the plastic case” , but yes the case is plastic but its still durable its not like your going to throw it around lile a football , ita great an would definitely buy again in the future

  7. I got this for my husband as part of an anniversary gift and he absolutely loved It! He said it was beyond perfect. Took a while to ship and arrive which i didn’t like because Amazon had been giving major issues with all my orders when it comes to that but the product itself was perfect.

  8. This cleaning kit is great. I like that it comes with an empty bottle so you can decide what gun oil u want to use. It keeps everything contained and organized and looks pretty cool sitting around the house.

  9. I was a little wary when I ordered this and did not really expect it to be of a decent quality. I was wrong. This was one of the coolest things I’ve ordered and it’s actually pretty good quality!! It has so many different brushes to use for cleaning your firearm and it’s good quality stuff. It’s really neat and tidy, keeping everything together in the 9mm shape case. I was under the impression it actually came WITH gun oil, but it does not. It just comes with a little empty bottle that can be used to keep the oil in there. No biggie. Anyways, I have a hard time keeping my cleaning tools in order so this was a great investment for me. Definitely recommend this, especially as a gift to fellow enthusiasts!

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