Hot Burrito Blanket Wrap Live The Zen Life


Wrap yourself in a viral giant burrito blanket!

The giant Burrito Blanket keeps your veggies warm and comfortable.  Mexican food lovers will have a blast wrapping up in a human burrito.  Don’t forget to add your veggie pillows.

The giant tortilla blanket is great for the beach, picnics, camping, or cuddling up with a friend on the sofa.  The soft microfiber blanket covers 5 feet in diameter.  The giant burrito wrap makes a great gift for kids, tweens, teens, college students or just for yourself.

It may be too late for National Burrito Day, but it’s not too late to get the giant shroud of tortilla while it lasts.

Here is what a couple of verified purchasers had to say bout the giant burrito blanket:

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