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The Burrito Pop Is Like A Twist Pop To Raise Your Burrito As You Eat


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The Burrito Pop is a Thermos for your Burrito With a Twist!

The Burrito Pop is a tube like thermos that perfectly fits your wrapped burrito.  It is completely insulated to keep your tortilla and burrito mix ready to eat. 

Now you’ll have an extra layer of protection, while you walk several blocks from your local Tex-Mex restaurant across campus or back to home.

The twist is that the Burrito Pop isn’t just an insulated thermos to keep your burrito warm.  Like a stick of Chapstick, a twist of the bottom of burrito thermos will raise the burrito slowly as you eat it. It’s like a push pop for giants.

No more dumping the burrito in your lap while in traffic.  You can even prevent that awful mess of a soggy burrito falling apart between your fingers.

Want to save some of your burrito for later? Just screw to top cap on the burrito thermos to preserve it until you are ready.  When you want to finish it, put the thermos into the microwave to warm it back up.

Sure, you could take your chances on a soggy burrito on the go.   You could also get your cold wet burrito home and spread it into a large plate or bowl.   Why not stay on the safe side AND have a handy way to eat your burrito on the go?

If you love burritos as much as I do or often grab one on the go, the Burrito Pop is for you.

At the time of this posting, the Burrito Pop is still crowdfunding on Kickstarter and offering early bird discounts of 17% off.

Where to Buy the Burrito Pop

The Burrito Pop
The Burrito Pop
The Best Way to Carry, Warm, and Eat Your Favorite Food!
$33.00 $50.00
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