Burrito Pop A Burrito Holder With A Clever Twist


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The Burrito Pop is a Reusable & Twistable Burrito Holder for On-The-Go Eaters!

The Burrito Pop is a burrito holder that perfectly fits and preserves your wrapped burrito even while you eat.  

The twist is that this burrito holder isn’t just an insulated thermos to keep your burrito warm. 

Like a stick of Chapstick, the twistable burrito holder will raise the burrito slowly as you eat it.

You can even use the removable top to hold a side of queso, guacamole, or salsa!

Burrito Pop Is Like A Twist Pop To Raise Your Burrito As You Eat

It’s like a push pop for giants.  The twist & eat burrito jug brings another delicious bite to your lips with every twist.

The twist & eat burrito holder is a completely insulated twistable burrito container to carry, keep warm, and eat your favorite food.

This ingenious burrito thermos keeps your burrito warm while you walk or drive several blocks from your local Tex-Mex restaurant.

Burrito Pop Reusable Burrito Holder

No more dumping the burrito in your lap while in traffic for those who dare to eat a burrito while driving. 

You can even prevent that awful mess of a soggy burrito from falling apart between your fingers.

Want to save some of your burritos for later?

Just screw the top cap on the insulated burrito container to preserve it until you are ready to eat it again.

When you want to finish it, simply put the burrito thermos into the microwave to warm it back up.

Burrito Pop Is Like A Twist Pop To Raise Your Burrito As You Eat

Sure, you could take your chances on a soggy burrito on the go. You could also get your cold, wet burrito home and spread it onto a large plate or bowl.

But, why do that?

Why not stay on the safe side by preserving that warmth and flavor AND having a handy way to eat your burrito on the go?

Now for the versatility!  Burrito Pop is not simply confined to holding your Mexican wrap!  You can use the twistable burrito holder to secure your gyro, sandwich, or any other barrel-shaped snack.

The Burrito Pop has replaceable straps and comes in a range of colors. To create your favorite color combinations, swap one strap for another.

Burrito Pop A Burrito Holder With A Clever Twist

If you love burritos as much as I do or often grab one on the go, this unique twist-and-eat burrito holder is for you.

Where to Buy the Burrito Pop

Twist &Amp; Eat Burrito Holder
Twist & Eat Burrito Holder

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