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Cake ATM Money Box Makes a Surprising Cake Topper


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The Cake ATM Money Box is a Great Way to Decorate the Next Celebration Cake!

Like a magician pulling scarves out of their sleeves, the Cake ATM Money Box will have the person of honor yanking seemingly never-ending cash from a delicious cake at your next event.

The money is placed inside a long sleeve and rolled up inside a plastic box hidden in the center of the cake.

To get a perfect roll, wrap the last bill to be pulled out around a pencil and continue to roll the money around until completely wrapping the pencil.

Insert the actual cake topper of your choice into the end of the money roll and push it through the gap at the top of the box.

Remove the pencil, keep the roll intact, and place the roll into the box. Then close the box.

Once your cake is done, cut a rectangle out of the bottom of the cake and a slot in the top.

Place the cake over the ATM Money Box and onto a serving dish, then decorate to your liking.

Another option?  Go to your local bakery.

Carefully hand the Cake ATM Money Box over the counter and politely ask the baker to do it for you.  That would probably be my preference.

The Cake ATM Money Box makes a great addition to any anniversary, birthday, graduation, holiday, or other events.

Where to Buy the Cake ATM Money Box

Cake Atm Money Box
Cake ATM MOney Box
$8.99 $26.97

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