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Camect Camera Hub Adds Privacy and Affordability To Home Surveillance

The Camect Camera Hub is the World’s Smartest Most Private & Integrative Camera Hub Providing Intel Alerts and Continuous Recording.

With the Camect Camera Hub, you will be in command of an affordable advanced home surveillance network with AI intelligent alerts for deliveries, people, animals.  Then, instantly review alerts by streaming from your phone, tablet, laptop, or home computer.

The centralized camera hub integrates with over 50 brands of cameras and any other camera that supports Onvif or RTSP.   Alerts can be securely and immediately accessed through your remote device no matter where you are.

Data is the new real estate and Big Tech companies are investing big time.  Your private camera hub keeps all of your data right at home on your secured network.

Recorded Video is privately and locally stored on your own personal camera hub with 1TB of expandable storage.  Additional storage capabilities are increased through external drives to your desired level.

What kicks this camera monitoring hub into overdrive is the ability learn based on your feedback.  The camera hub will increase its accuracy on sending you alerts you desire and are more useful.

When the camera hub sends you an alert, simply give it a thumbs up or down based on what set the alert off.  Your choices of what is important to you will soon be the only alerts you will be sent.

Each home network camera hub connects to up to 12 surveillance cameras to catch the action in progress any where you desire.  The two step installation will have you monitoring your perimeter in just minutes after its arrival.

Where to Buy the Camect Camera Hub

Camect Home Smart Camera Hub
Camect Home Smart Camera Hub
$499.00 $599.00

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