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Campfire Cooking Kit That’s Smokeless & Bluetooth Controlled


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The Campfire Cooking Kit by Biolite Doesn’t Allow the Wind to Choose Who To Smoke Away From the Campfire

The Biolite Campfire Cooking Kit is a Bluetooth-controlled wood-burning system that cooks your meals and keeps a floating fire blazing, all without the smoke.

A campfire is all about hanging out with your friends on a cool, crisp evening free of interruptions and creating great memories.

No one wants to be pushed away from that with the unwanted intrusion of smoke.

The first thing you will notice on the Biolite Firepit+, above all the cooking essentials, is an advanced airflow system equipped with an internal fan that directs air across 51 jets.

Campfire Cooking Kit Airflow

Controlled Airflow Provides A Smokeless Flame

This airflow causes particulate matter to burn before it can escape the firepit, eliminating the smoke from the flame in only about 30 seconds.

Now anyone can choose where they want to sit while the meal cooks or you’re just kicking back and enjoying a cold one with your friends.

The 360° X-ray Mesh gives everyone the perfect view of your floating fire.

Campfire Cooking Kit 360 Degree Mesh

A Perfect View No Matter Where You Sit

The Biolite firepit holds four pieces of cord-cut firewood and allows you to burn more efficiently, so you get more flame for less fuel.

The strength of the flames can be easily controlled through the Biolite Mobile App that wirelessly controls fan speeds.

Campfire Cooking Kit Bluetooth Controlled

Control Flame And Heat Intensity With Bluetooth Through Biolite’S Mobile App

Increase the airflow for a hotter fire or slow the fan for increased efficiency.

When you are not burning, the airflow pack detaches and acts as a power bank for USB charging devices.

What’s included with the Biolite Campfire Cooking Kit?

In addition to the wood and charcoal-burning Biolite Firepit Plus, the kit also includes a cooking griddle, grill lid, and the Prep & Grill Toolkit.

The sturdy cast iron griddle is made to fit perfectly on top of your BioLite FirePit and spreads and maintains heat evenly.

Campfire Cooking Kit By Biolite

Large Cooking Area Makes Group Meals Easy

Group meals are made simple by the extra-large cooking area, and the nonstick surface is suitable for eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more.

The sturdy construction of the firepit grill lid can accommodate both charcoal and firewood-fueled cooking.

It is designed to concentrate heat for quicker, more even cooking times.

Campfire Cooking Kit Grill Lid

Dive Into More Ambitious Recipes With The Included Grill Lid

The Prep & Grill Toolkit is a collection of portable cooking tools made of sturdy, rust-resistant food-grade stainless steel designed specifically for cooking with fire.

Campfire Cooking Kit Santoku Knife

Durable Stainless Steel Santoku Knife Maintains A Sharp Edge For Precise Cutting.

The toolkit is composed of a slotted metal spatula with an integrated bottle opener, locking tongs, and a practical yet precise Santoku knife.

A comfortable distance from heat and flames is provided by the extra-long design, and the roll-up organization mat keeps everything in its place.

The Biolite campfire cooking kit is the perfect setup for the beach, backyard, and beyond.

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$440.82 $489.80
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