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Cura Modus Camping System Is A 6 in 1 Modular Adventure

Get Prepped Now for Your Outdoor Adventures with this Mind Boggling 6 in 1 Crua Modus Camping System!

In it’s simplest form the Crua Modus camping system is another outdoor tent.  What makes it unique is the modular capabilities of this lightweight, versatile camping gear!

The Crua Modus modular tent system also provides you a sleeping bag, air-mattress, bug mesh, flysheet, picnic blanket, temperature regulator and hammock!  This multi functional camping gear allows you to pick and choose your own outdoor shelter no matter where you are.

The Crua Modus camping system base has a built-in, self-inflating, air mattress and pillow and a zip on quilted blanket for night time comfort.

The mattress is reinforced with foam to keep the air inside and you insulated from the ground when it gets cold and wet.  When you want to venture away from your campsite, the quilted blanket also doubles as a quickly comfortable picnic blanket.

Inflatable poles and the bug screen connect directly to the mattress for 100 percent coverage and protection, while providing a perfect view of the sky and your tent surroundings.

The Crua Flysheet is waterproof and allows you to regulate the temperature inside your tent by reversing the top to a light colored reflective material.

The flysheet also converts to a relaxing hammock with the aid of the multi-functional porch poles as spreader bars to the hammock or leave them off for the true cocoon ‘hammocking’ experience between the trees.

The Crua Modus camping system also comes equipped with a durable and waterproof footprint pad for protecting the base of your tent.

The Crua Modus modular tent platform is lightweight and easily attached to your backpack, bicycle, kayak, motorcycle, or ATV to reach any camp area in the world.

The biggest benefit that the Crua Modus camping system provides is a load of lounging choices while your outdoors, whether you are hiking, kayaking, biking or just relaxing in nature.

Where to Buy the Crua Modus Modular Tent System

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