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Canon Speedlite Smart Flash Automatically sets the Perfect Lighting for you.

AI technology is one of the most amazing advents in history.  We often assume that technology is for massive data collection and computer learning.  We seldom think this technology can effect our daily lives in somewhat simple applications.  Canon has done just that.

The Canon Speedlite Smart Flash is a unique camera attachment featuring the use of Auto Intelligent Bounce technology.   With a simple double tap of the DSLR camera button, it automatically measures the room you are in. It immediately sets focus distance. Then it tilts and rotates the flash to the perfect flash bounce angle for your photos.

The AI smart flash is the perfect gift for any photography buff or professional looking to improve on efficiency.  Check out the differing bundles below.

Where to Buy the Canon Speedlite Smart Flash 470EX-AI

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  1. The 430EX III-RT is a great starter Speedlite for any photographer who wants a future-proof flash that is easy enough for a novice to use and yet has enough features to create advanced flash photos with multiple Speedlites. New with the 430EX III-RT is an interactive menu that uses the tilt-wheel on the back of the Speedlite to make selections. Moving through menu options on a Canon Speedlite has never been easier. Of course, if you want to control the 430EX III-RT from the main LCD on your compatible Canon camera, you can do that too. Just look for the “Flash Control” and then the “External Speedlite Control” menu options.For the first time ever, Canon has enabled a mid-range (400-series) Speedlite with the ability to work as a master Speedlite. This means that after you learn the basics of using one Speedlite, your 430EX III-RT can be used with other Canon Speedlites to create off-camera flash. The 430EX III-RT provides radio Speedliting at a very affordable price (in comparison to the top-of-the-line 600EX-RT). It can serve as a radio master (to control up to 14 other 430EX III-RT and/or 600EX-RT Speedlites). Likewise, it can work as a radio slave or (as with earlier 400-series Speedlites) as an optical slave.[Note: The 430EX III-RT and 600EX-RT work in radio wireless or optical wireless. All other Canon EX Speedlites work only in optical wireless (where the instructions are sent via a code flashed from the tube of the master Speedlite). Radio will go through the sides of softboxes and other opaque surfaces. Optical wireless must have a direct path between the camera-mounted master and the slave(s).]For more information about Speedliting and flash photography, check out my  Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites (2nd Edition) . I’ve created an online guide to using the 430EX III-RT that is available through a code included with the book at the end of the table of contents.

  2. Chris LeSure at

    Works wonderfully paired with the 600-EX RT and the ST-E3-RT transmitter. Can act as a master or a slave unit, unlike its predecessor. Best flash Canon offers for the price. Canon included a diffuser dome and an CTO plastic modifier. Has the same pull-out white card to bounce a bit of light toward the eyes for catch lights as its big brother. Updated controls from he 430 EX II are a welcome addition. Using a wheel to navigate is a lot easier than the recessed buttons on the original unit. Those used to make my fingers hurt.Pros:SizeBuilt in wirelessIncluded diffuser dome and CTO gelFast recycle timeCan be used as a master to control other flashesCan step down the light to 1/128th of full powerControls are much easier to use than predecessorCons:No weather sealingCan’t use an external battery packLimited rotation on the flash headZoom range is only 14-105mm————This is an amazing flash unit for the price. This new entry in Canon’s speedlite line will make it harder for folks to justify getting the 600-EX RT unless they need the added power.

  3. I got two of these units due to an order mix-up, returning one. These speedlites are indeed the best pals for beginners and hobbyist and have advance features that’ll keep hobbyist like me busy for some time. My Dslr do not have an integrated Radio Transmitter (not sure if any Canon DSLR has it) and the independent RT’s ones sold by Canon are too expensive. If you intent to just use this on camera or as off-camera ETTL optical slave, you have the option to invest its predecessor – 430EXII, its cheaper and serves the purpose. Even though I gave this unit 5 stars, this still has minor blemishes – perhaps manufacturing defect in the left corner of the LCD screen (See picture). Both the units I got had these. Hoping this does not becomes a performance problem later – say an year after the warranty expires. I’ve not taken away any stars for this fine product due to the blemish, but Canon – this should be fixed!

  4. My main go-to flash before having this 430 exrt was the 600 ex-rt. The 600 ex-rt recycles extremely fast and is very powerful. The downside is its large size and weight. On paper the 430 ex-rt is only slightly smaller and about 100g lighter. But when I hold both in my hands the size difference is very noticeable. The smaller flash balances much better on my M5. For travel or everyday use, the 430 ex-rt makes much more sense to carry around. For wedding or events, the big one is a better choice. It appears to recycle faster and is weather sealed. One fact to point out, which may or may not be important to most people, is that the 600 ex-rt is made in Japan while the smaller 430 exrt is made in Taiwan. Not a big deal. All M lenses are made outside of Japan and they’re all pretty decent.



  6. Dale Dellinger at

    Five things I like about this flash: 1) It is more compact than the bulkier 600 series 2) it can be controlled by radio transmission for off-camera flash 3) It includes an orange filter 4) it includes the diffuser, which can be used with the orange filter, and 5) the included case has a belt loop. But the biggest thing I like about this is the on-screen menu! I went from the 580EX II to this and it’s buttons and display are very confusing and non-intuitive. This flash is completely the opposite! Even though the screen is small, they made the menu easy to use. Amazing! I have used this flash more in the past two months than I had used the other one in 5 years!

  7. great product for canon camera users. i got canon dslr 70D . and this flash light works fine with my camera.

  8. Increíble precio y entrega rápida. Bien

  9. Excelente opción para la segunda cámara trae su propio difusor

  10. Excelente flash, compatible con las cámaras M de Canon. Más pequeño que la serie 600, queda perfecto para cámaras pequeñas. Sin embargo ninguna de las cámaras de la serie M se puede comunicar via inalambrica, afortunadamente funciona bien en la Canon 70D.

  11. Mara Armbruster at

    Very easy to use. Great quality. Would buy again!

  12. Was a good buy and not to big in size , still learning to use it properly…..

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