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Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet With Money Clip

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet is a Slim, Lightweight, RFID Sheilding Wallet

Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets are forged by carbon fiber wires that absorb radio frequency identification data.  The Ridge Wallet with money clip keeps your cash secured and easily accessible.

The supremely minimalist wallet is made with industrial grade material is somewhat modular so that you can switch between a money clip or cash strap to conform to personal preference.

Ridge Wallet Money Clip vs Strap

The Ridge Wallet money clip vs strap preference really comes down to comfort and/or durability.  There are pros and cons to both.

The Ridge Wallet with money clip adds durability, but may be less comfortable for those planning to carry the RFID wallet in their back pocket.  However, the marginal larger size is maintained whether there is cash in it or not.

Not to say it is impossibly uncomfortable, but, we have to draw differences somewhere.  It is most certainly a better wallet carried in the front pocket which makes for a more secure carrying location.

The Ridge Wallet Cash Strap holds tighter to the wallet with a slimmer profile, making it a slightly more comfortable wallet to carry in the back pocket.

Although there is a lifetime warranty with replacement parts, the expandable band of the cash strap is bound to stretch and fray over time.

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet is a great EDC for men or even women who want to protect their data in their handbags.  For those men who have crooked hips due to a wallet the size of an early 1900s dictionary, The Ridge Wallet from Nordstrom is a must have.

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet price is the same with the money clip or the cash strap.  We have provided a link for both below.

How Does The Ridge Wallet Work?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.  This technology has been around for more than 70 years, but, in recent decades the technology has been used in credit cards.

RFID chips in cards are used to transmit account data to scanners increasing security and transaction speed.

The problem arises when your card is exposed to RFID skimmers.  Skimmers use a wireless devices that receive radio frequency signal data even from several feet away, allowing a thief to collect your account information.

Forged Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets are made from lightweight carbon fiber wires that are weaved tightly together to make a flat surface.  The wireless waves from the thief’s scanner are then bent absorbing the signals so they are not returned to the skimmer.

Are Ridge Wallets Worth it?

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet is a high quality industrial strength wallet made from proven RFID material.  However, they are not for everyone.  The answer to are Ridge Wallets worth it is two fold.

A huge part of the Ridge Wallet’s value comes through the lifetime warranty and replaceable parts.  Beyond that the worth of the wallet comes through the character of the carrier.

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet is for those who want quality long term RFID protection.  Those who only carry up to 12 credit cards and a foldable amount of cash every day will benefit from this wallet.

The Ridge Wallet also makes a good gift for men or women who desire minimalism over the functionality of a large wallet.

Where is Ridge Wallet Made?

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet is made by a father and son team along with a small close knit team here in the United States.  The wallets are reportedly carried now by over a half a million men and women all across world.

Find your preferred Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet at Nordstrom by using our search link below.

Where to Buy the Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet with Money Clip

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