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Cat Scratch DJ Turntable Hilarious Alternative Scratch Pad

The Cat Scratch DJ Turntable rotates as your cat scratches out the jams.

The Cat Scratch DJ turntable keeps your cat scratching the vinyl rather than shredding your sofa.  The scratching turntable comes complete with arm and rotating turntable.

It also comes splattered with cool stickers that put a feline spin on that classic DJ look.  The Cat Scratch DJ Turntable will relieve your cat’s need to scratch and keep them entertained when it spins (because you know how awe inspired they can be with something so simple).

The tabby turntable has a tone arm and a top that spins as your cat paws it,  You’ll have loads of fun watching your feline play with this cool turntable and you will love that their bad habits are scratching something so affordable to replace.

It is easy to put together and looks awesome.  You can also drop some cat nip in the slotted card board for some added entertainment during the feline house party.

Where to Buy the Cat Scratch DJ Turntable

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