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CBD Pillow Helps You Achieve The Best Sleep of Your Life!


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This CBD Pillow Brings All-Night Calm, Ensuring You the Most Comfortable Sleep of Your Life!

How many times have you found yourself on the hunt for that perfect pillow?  A pillow that’s not too firm, not too soft- a pillow that’s just right for a full night’s rest.

Well, the CBD Pillow is here to stake its claim as the new forever pillow for you and your family!

What IS the CBD Luxury Pillow?

The CBD pillow is a unique luxury sleeping device designed to make sure you’re able to achieve the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had!

Cbd Pillow Helps You Achieve The Best Sleep Of Your Life!

Thanks to the pillow’s micro-encapsulation technology, you’ll find yourself feeling well rested and ready to start any day after a full night’s sleep!

Do CBD Pillows Work?

You’ve never seen a pillow like this before! Encasing the gel memory foam pillow is a luxury pillow casing infused with a patented micro-encapsulation technology, which embeds millions of pharmaceutical grade CBD microcapsules inside your pillow.

Unlike traditional CBD edibles or topicals, during your rest your pillow releases micro-doses of CBD which are absorbed through your hair and skin follicles, ensuring you a consistent sleep throughout the night, or whatever time you need a snooze!

What is CBD?

With all this talk about CBD infused pillows, you may be asking yourself “What exactly IS CBD?”

CBD, or cannabidiol- is a compound found in marijuana. However, CBD doesn’t produce a high like THC, the other major compound found in marijuana.

While CBD & THC are the plant’s two major compounds, you don’t experience any psychoactive or euphoric effects from CBD use.

What are the benefits of using the CBD Pillow?

Aside from ensuring you a consistent night’s rest, there are several benefits in using the CBD luxury Pillow!

CBD is used to help treat different illnesses and conditions. For example, CBD can be used to help ease discomfort from chronic pain or even things like cancer. CBD is also used to help treat anxiety, insomnia, and some skin conditions.

CBD is also a major component in treating epilepsy, with the medication Epidiolex being approved by the FDA.

Can I just buy a CBD Pillowcase?

Yes you can! The CBD within your CBD Pillow lasts around 6 months with every night usage, so a CBD infused replacement Pillowcase is available for purchase to prior CBD Pillow purchasers.

Does it matter what position I sleep in to use the CBD Pillow?

No matter if you’re a side sleeper, a toss and turner, or a back sleeper- you’ll still receive the effects of the CBD infused luxury pillow.

Cbd Pillow Helps You Achieve The Best Sleep Of Your Life!

The CBD in the pillow is absorbed through your skin and hair follicles, so regardless of your sleeping position- you’ll still feel the effects of using the CBD pillow.

How long will I need to use the CBD Pillow before feeling it’s effects?

Unless you’re already a frequent CBD user, it may take a brief period before you begin to feel the effect’s of the CBD. The folks at CBD Pillow recommend at least 2 weeks of use, and if you aren’t sleeping better in 30 days- they’ll issue you a full refund!

Where to Buy the CBD Infused Bamboo Luxury Pillow?

The Cbd Pillow
The CBD Pillow
A Gel Memory Foam Pillow Unlike Any Other
$99.00 $129.00

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