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Cellphone Smart Pod By PIVO


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Cellphone Smart Pod By PIVO
Cellphone Smart Pod By PIVO

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Get Mind Blowing GIFs Photos & Videos With Cellphone Smart Pod By PIVO

Upgrade your phone to a professional camera with over a dozen revolutionary photo, GIF, & video options.   Plenty of remote phone holders with limited options already exist.  The PIVO cellphone smart pod breaks barriers those other phone holders haven't even though of.  If you are looking for a whole level in video or photographic creativity, you will find this tiny gem to exceed your expectations.  In addition to the 360° Auto-Tracking Mode, the phone pod from Pivo also comes with these capabilities:

VERSUS MODE: Automatically pans between two subjects for a dance off or other creative video. ↓

50/50 Mode: Half photo...half GIF.  Basically, an ultra easy cinemagraph. ↓

Double Take: An easy way to take GIFs or videos to memes. ↓

ManyMe:  Take panoramic photos and clone yourself or friends in the photo over and over again. ↓

Capture:  Includes "SmartCapture" that allows voice or gesture commands to PIVO. ↓

Motion Timelapse:  Watch the world pass you by in panoramic views of 360°, 180°, or 120° viewing. ↓

Perfect Panorama: No more photo stitching, uneven seams, missing heads or arms. ↓

Tiny Planet: Take spherical photos that look like tiny globes taken with professional lenses. ↓

Flash Mode: Blur yourself in videos and look like a super hero.

FaceFollow Auto-Tracking: Pivot around any room or area in a 13ft window and never skip a beat. ↓

Object Following: Perfect mode for showing off your skills. ↓

There should be no doubt left that the PIVO Pod is the perfect gift for anyone who loves being creative.  There are simply too many options and benefits to list with this amazing tiny phone accessory.

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