Cereal Killer Bowl & Spoon Will Turn Your Breakfast Into A Bloodbath


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After Eating Breakfast in this Cereal Killer Bowl, Don’t Forget to Get Rid of the Evidence

Mornings can be a real murder.  The Cereal Killer Bowl will reveal the perp.  It was you!  We knew it the whole time!  It’s always the one who likes to quietly eat breakfast without being noticed.

Adults and kids alike will love the white Cereal Killer bowl splattered in red blood-like splatter.  The unique cereal bowl is handmade from earthenware clay and fire kilned twice.

Cereal Killer Bowl And Spoon Set

Once you are done with your breakfast killing spree, an outlined spoon with the words Cereal Killer is revealed at the bottom of the bowl.

Each bowl just like any blood spatter at a murder scene has its own unique pattern. If you are going to continue killing breakfast like this just be more careful, you might just get caught.

Cereal Killer Bowl &Amp; Spoon Will Turn Your Breakfast Into A Bloodbath

If you have other cereal killers in the house, get some for them too so they can help clean up the mess.  But, before you go, don’t forget your weapon of choice cereal killer spoon!

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