Cerealsly Love You Bowl Is A Humorous Personalized Reminder


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Family or Friends will Cherish this Cerealsly Love You Bowl

When paired with the Cerealsly Love You spoon, the Cerealsly Love You Bowl is a cute and enduring way to remind your loved ones how much you care.

The personalized cereal bowl comes in two styles.  One is a more colorful fun style with cereal pieces decorating the outer bowl and one is a more adult straightforward romantic style.

Cerealsly Love You Bowl Romantic

Each cereal bowl is crafted with chip resistant heavy stoneware and you can choose between orange, pink, purple, green, or blue bowls in the more decorative option.

The personalized Cereasly Love You bowls are 14 ounces of love and adoration any cereal lover will appreciate as a great affordable gift.

Personalize these bowls and surprise those with unique names who can never seem to find their name on mass produced novelty items.

Get both or either Cereasly Love You Bowl below at Personalization Mall through our links below.

Where to buy the Cereasly Love You Bowls

I Cerealsly Love You Personalized 14 Oz. Kids Cereal Bowl
I Cerealsly Love You Personalized 14 oz. Kids Cereal Bowl

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