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Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Sharpens On the Bar Instantly

Oregeon PowerSharp Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Kit Sharpens in as Little as 3 Seconds

We have always been told by the previous generation to work smarter not harder.  The chainsaw teeth sharpener from Oregon lets you do just that.

Sharpening chainsaw teeth can be a hassle and reduce productivity and dull teeth will definitely make you work harder.  The Oregon Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Kit gets your teeth sharp in seconds and you back to work in minutes.

What makes this bar mount sharpener unique is that it drastically reduces sharpening time and fits all sorts of chainsaws.  This specific item fits saws including Stihl, Olympyk, and Oleo-Mac.  You can even sharpen your electric chainsaws just as easily.

How to use Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener

When you are cutting wood and your teeth get dull, simply attach the bar-mount sharpener to the PowerSharp guide bar. Twin guide holes in the top of the bar make perfect alignment fool-proof.

Pushing the  tab at the end against a hard surface places your teeth against the sharpening stone.  Spin your chain for 3-5 seconds and get back to work.

The Oregon Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener kit comes with chains in 14″, 16″ and 18″ in length, the matching bar, and unique mount with sharpening stone.  So stop trying to burn your way through the wood with dull chains and cut through it like a hot knife through butter with the on the bar chainsaw sharpener by Oregon.

While your cutting wood, you’ll need to something to hold the log then split it.  Don’t forget to check out our post on the Smart Holder Saw Horse & Splitter.

Where to Buy the Oregon PowerSharp Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener

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