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Classy Chefwave French Press Coffee Maker Brews Blissful Java


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The Chefwave French Press Makes a Full-Bodied Brew Every Single Time.

The Chefwave French Press Coffee Maker has a modern Scandinavian design and is full of features.

Besides its sleek design, its double-walled, vacuum-layered, stainless steel insulated body has a ceramic outer layer, ensuring proper heat retention to keep your coffee at the right temperature.

Chefwave French Press Coffee Maker

33% thicker walls keep hot or cold brew coffee at just the right temperature for 60 minutes longer than others.

What is French Press Coffee?

The French Press is a manual coffee brewing method that results in a richly aromatic cup of Joe from the natural coffee oils released into your mug.

These oils provide a vibrant aroma and deeply flavored coffee.

Hourglass Handle

Chefwave French Press includes a cool-touch hourglass timer that tells you at the exact moment your brew is ready.  Each rotation allows for a 3-minute brewing period.

Chefwave French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Plunger

The three-part plunger prevents coffee grounds from getting into your coffee while the multi-layered filtration system allows for the infusion of the natural oils for maximum flavor extraction.

Chefwave French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers ‘gonna love it!

Where to Buy The Chefwave French Press Coffee Maker

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