3D Chicken Leg Pillow Looks Like A Real Two Foot Chicken Leg


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The 3D Chicken Leg Pillow is a Realistic Huggable Pillow Chicken Lovers will Enjoy Cuddling

The Chicken Leg Pillow appears to be a true-to-life chicken leg right off the grill.

You can almost smell it. It works great as a ravishing reading pillow, a tasty TV watching pillow, or a savory sofa pillow for an awesome conversation piece.

You can fall asleep dreaming of the sweet smell of BBQ and see yourself biting into this juicy 27-inch cut of dark meat.

But, don’t wake up too soon or you will be wanting to grill at three in the morning.

These palatable pillows are stuffed full of cotton and wrapped in a super soft 3D printed chicken leg pillowcase.

So what are you waiting for Colonel Sanders?  Snuggle up with your favorite entree and get the kids a couple for movie night.

Where to Buy the 3D Chicken Leg Pillow

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