Chicken Xylophone For Chickens Whose Life Passion Is Music


The Chicken Xylophone will Turn Your Hen House into a Cockerel Concerto!

The Chicken Xylophone will have your percussive pecker clanging out the song “Clucking Chickens” by Ray Stevens in no time.  It hangs in the coup from two chains with a floral grinding stone hanging from the bottom containing rich minerals.

The bright colors and crisp sounds will intrigue more than just your chickens.  The suspendible xylophone makes a great gift for pets of the feathered kind will even entertain your African Gray Parrot, Cockateil, Macaw, or Ecletus.

If your percussionist lacks the aggression you anticipated, draw some dots on the keys with a marker or put some treats behind it to encourage grow and show off their melodious talents.

Where to Buy the Chicken Xylophone

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  1. This is a cute toy. I haven’t seen my chickens use it but I hope they do.

  2. Not great quality and way smaller than expected I should have sent it back. It’s big enough for small chicks. Kind of bummed but was so excited

  3. The Great “El Boop-O” at

    I bought this as a toy for my cockatiel. I know it’s designed for chickens, but what can I say… I’m a free-thinker.Since buying this xylophone my cockatiel has now realized that music is his life’s passion and has dedicated all his time to perfecting the art of melody. He’s a quick leaner so after getting down the basics of songwriting he put out an ad on Craigslist, started a 5 piece band and even put out his own record called “The Real Deal, Punk Rock-a-tiel”. He’s now practicing to go on tour with the NoFx and Bad Religion.I’m proud of him for all of his accomplishments since buying this xylophone, I just wish he’d slow down on the drugs. Why is it that the greatest musicians all fall victim to addiction!? I swear, if I see any more white powder on his beak I’m kicking him out!Sorry, I digress. My point is this xylophone has been awesome for my bird. It’s an xylophone made for chickens so it is what it is, ya know…

  4. Leigh Laughlin at

    My hens have ignored the heck out of this xylophone, so I have endured the jeering of friends and family for nothing. However, that is not the company’s fault. The product is sturdy and looks like it does in the pictures.

  5. Chickens came right away to peck at it and inspect it. Nice tone.

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