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ChopBox Smart Cutting Board Is a 5 In 1 Space Saving Prep Station


The ChopBox Smart Cutting Board is a 5 in 1 Space Saving Meal Prep Station

If you are looking to clear your counter for meal prep, you will find few kitchen tools that compare to the ChopBox Smart Cutting Board.  By combining up to 5 individual kitchen gadgets, the ChopBox will open up need storage and give you more meal prep space on your counter.

The ChopBox combines multiple cutting boards, timers, scales, knife sharpeners, and even a disinfectant UVC light that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria with every use.

Just under the main cutting board sits a nearly equal sized cutting board so that you can meal prep with vegetables and meats in separate areas, never having to worry about cross contamination.

On the left side of the main cutting board is the scale.  Simply chop your veggies or meat and slide them to the side and the board will display the weight in grams, ounces, pounds, or kilograms up to six pounds, always getting your exact measurements.

Knife getting dull during the chopping and slicing?  Simply use the built in knife sharpeners to keep your edge while you cut.   Just below the scale where your measurements display is the control board that also provides a 9 hour timer.  Once your meal is prepped set the timer to alert you of your cooking time for a perfect meal.

Where to Buy the ChopBox Smart Cutting Board

ChopBox Smart Cutting Board
ChopBox Smart Cutting Board

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