Cilek’s Pirate Shark Desk With LED Lit Teeth Is Too Cool For School


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Cilek’s Pirate Shark Desk Brings the Dangers of a Pirate at Sea To Your Kid’s Bedroom

The Cilek’s Pirate Shark Desk gives whole new options as to who ate the homework, but, your child will love it.  The top of the child’s smart desk is wood like the plank of a pirate ship.

Seemingly, any Blaggard could walk right into the the belly of the shark as the plank sits on the shark’s bottom teeth.

The adventurous Pirate Shark Desk is will illuminate your child’s workspace with the LED fitted shark teeth in the top jaw.  The LED lights are able to be dimmed to 3 settings and turned off from an easily accessible switch inside the sharks mouth.

The shark’s eyes are actually sherical rollers that can be adjusted to virtually any position.  The plank has an access port toward the back for any internet or power cables that can be capped when not in use.

The Pirate Shark Desk is part of Cilek’s larger Pirate Theme Collection for kids rooms that when complete can entertain any pirate sailing under the Jolly Roger flag for hours.  The complete set would include:

Where to Buy the Cilek Pirate Shark Desk

Last update was on: November 29, 2022 11:22

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