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CLMBR Fitness Machine Improves Cardio & Strength Simultaneously


Looking for More Results in Less Time?  The CLMBR Fitness Machine Burns 60% in Half the Time!

CLMBR Fitness Machines boost your workout targeting 86% of your body and burning more calories in less time.

The first of its kind climber machine that builds strength and cardio collectively by adding resistance and intensity to movements your body was naturally designed to make.

Whether you workout running, cycling, or rowing, you can’t take full advantage of working out nearly your entire body.  CLMBR machines maximize your bodies target areas for a more efficient burn.

The interactive CLMBR Fitness Machine maximizes workouts of all fitness levels through their on demand library of classes accessed through the HD touchscreen monitor.

Anyone can go head to head with top fitness instructors or reach new challenges through group climbing.

With the CLMBR Cardio & Strength Machine you will feel and see results, in real time, as you reach new heights in reach, tempo, and power levels to keep you climbing upward.

The sturdy cast aluminum frame, Kelvar reinforced belts, and adjustable handles make the CLMBR Fitness Machine a great workout for the whole family, regardless of age, size, or ability.

When your done, the CLMBR Fitness machine can be easily rolled into your most convenient corner on the premium caster wheels.

Take advantage of the 60% OFF EARLY BIRD CLMBR PRICE, while the crowdfunding lasts, or, use our search links below to search for it commercially.

Where to Buy the CLMBR Fitness Machine

CLMBR Cardio & Strength Fitness Machine
CLMBR Cardio & Strength Fitness Machine
World's First Vertical Climber With On Demand Interaction on an HD Touch Screen.
$1999.00 $4999.0

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