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Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad For Camping

Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad is an Ultralight Inflating Airpad for Camping with a Convenient Lightweight Carry Bag.

You’ve got your modular tent strong enough to with stand monsoon winds or carve a part in the sheet of an avalanche.  Your sleeping bag is warm enough to melt aluminum in the arctic.  However, the only thing that will lie between you and getting a good night sleep is a Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad.

Any avid lover of the outdoors who has spent any time sleeping on nature’s bed know that “Mother Nature’s” least concern is your comfort.  Rocks, uneven ground, wet or cold surfaces can have you tied in knots before sunrise.  The Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad is an extremely affordable, back-saving sleeping mat that can be easily carried and stored for any purpose not just camping.

The Cloudlite airpad is made of durable 20D ripstop nylon that is just as tough as it is lightweight.  You can choose your personal style inflatable air pad in Blue, Green, or Gray.  In just a couple of minutes, you will have 170 air support points cradling you body so you can sleep on the clouds not under them.

Where to Buy the Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Cloudlite Inflatable Sleeping Pad
$23.99 $39.99

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