Clue The Office Edition Board Game: Solve Toby Flenderson’s Murder


“THERE HAS BEEN A MURDER!” Toby Flenderson is Dead and it is up to You to Figure out who did it!

Clue The Office Edition board game reveals secrets in the Dunder Mifflin, Scranton office yet unknown.  Michael Scott finally got his wish to be forever rid of the monotone indecisive HR rep.  But, is he the murderer?

Dwight Schrute seems to know a lot about murder.   As he put it “R is the most menacing letter in the English language.  That’s why it is called murder not muckduck.”  He also claims to have the speed of “…somewhere between a snake and a mongoose,…and a panther.”

You must find out who killed Toby, what weapon was used, and where in The Office did it occur.

Solve the murder in Clue The Office Edition and you get a paid vacation! Get it solved before 5 o’clock or Stanley Hudson will leave and Michael Scott will be on you like “moss on a Mississippi tree stump!”

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Where to Buy the Clue The Office Edition Board Game

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