Cobra Road Scout An Optimal 2 in 1 Radar Detector & Dash Cam


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The Cobra Road Scout is the First 2 in 1 Radar Detector and Dash Cam

The Cobra Road Scout is an advanced driver alert solution.  Intelligent sensors monitor and detect road threats along your route to prevent you from becoming bear bait.

Without it, you may break the speed record, but you will have to pay for it.

Additionally, the dash cam loop records in 1080p high definition to capture those unexpected moments.

Cobra Road Scout Radar Detector

In addition to intelligent, long-range radar/laser detection, the Road Scout driver alert system has a GPS database with location-based alerts.

These alerts include red light cameras, speed cameras, and other road threats, and they deliver in a big way when it counts.

With the Cobra iRadar App you can receive community alerts before the threat reaches your system.  The full-color LCD display is easy to read and shows current speed limitations.

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam

The Cobra Road Scout’s high-definition dash cam is optimized for day or night recording with G-sensor impact detection and loop recording.

Its 154° field of view records any occurrence in front of you.  It is WIFI enabled, so you can view, edit, and share videos from your smartphone.

This unit updates wirelessly and embeds date and time into your videos.  The Drive HD app allows you to view videos, without leaving your vehicle, directly on your phone.

Where to Buy the Cobra Road Scout

Cobra Road Scout
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Cobra Road Scout

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