Flexible Cockpit for Flight Simulator Brings The Sky To You!

This Cockpit for Flight Simulators Allows Aspiring Pilots, Aerial Enthusiasts and Gamers Alike, to Soar the Skies from the Comfort of Home!

The cockpit for flight simulators from Next Level Racing is the perfect tool for those interested in expanding their wings, without all the hassle of obtaining a pilot’s license.

To obtain a legitimate pilot’s license, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires a minimum of 40 flight hours in order to receive a private pilot license.

This cockpit for flight simulators, is a perfect way to practice soaring through the air and viewing the world in the same way real pilots do!

What is Included With the Cockpit?

Featuring the ability to fold, this cockpit chair is perfect for providing a realistic flight feel, and easy storage when not in use.

Flexible Cockpit for Flight Simulator Brings The Sky To You

This product includes the cockpit for flight simulators frame, an instruction manual for quick and easy assembly, the bolts necessary to hard mount your flight electronics, and flight plate adapters!

A set of digital instructions, as well as assembly videos can be found here; http://bit.ly/nlr-instructions

What are the Product Specs for the Flight Simulator Cockpit?

This easily compactable cockpit weighs in at around 42 pounds, and can comfortably support up to 287 pounds!

The Cockpit stands at 68.9 x 47.2 x 37.4 inches when positioned in the Flight position, and 45.3 x 47.2 x 17.7 inches when folded.

The Cockpit for Flight Simulators can also easily support anyone as tall as 6ft 6 inches!

Flexible Cockpit for Flight Simulator Brings The Sky To You

What are the Capabilities of the Cockpit?

The cockpit for flight simulator is easily compatible with most PC’s, and major electronics for racing and flight.

For combat fight enthusiasts or commercial fliers alike, the Cockpit for Flight Simulator is also easily compatible with yokes, joysticks, throttles and rudders!

Electronics and accessories from brands including Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Honeycomb can all be attached directly to the Cockpit for Flight Simulators!

Keyboard support is also available when a yoke isn’t attached or being used.

What are Some Popular Flight Simulation Games to Play With the Cockpit?

As a growing genre over the last few years, there are many games you can dive into with your Cockpit for Flight Simulator!

Some popular commercial flight simulation games include Aerofly FS, GeoFS (featuring satellite imagery from Google Earth), FlightGear, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

For those with an interest in combat flight simulation, some popular games are Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Rise of Flight, and AirConflicts.

Flight Simulation games are only growing in their popularity, with an upwards of 200 thousand followers on Twitch.

What are some Popular Flight Simulator Locations to Visit When Using the Cockpit?

The  flight simulators cockpit can take you anywhere you can imagine, all from the comfort of your home!

Some popular destinations for Flight Simulation include places such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Canyonlands National Park in Utah, Mount Fuji in Japan, or even aerial view of the New York City nightlife.

Where to Buy the Foldable Cockpit For Flight Simulators

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