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CoinTickr The #1 Real-Time Crypto, Token & Forex Desktop Ticker


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CoinTickr is the Only Physical and Portable Crypto Tracker that Tracks Over 20,000 Coins in 300 markets.

CoinTickr frees you from scrolling your mobile device or being glued to widgets on your desktop or laptop to monitor your investment.

Now you can track your investment anytime in real-time and literally anywhere you go!

Whether you’re in the office, at the dinner table, sitting in your living room, or relaxing on the deck, the portable crypto tracker gives you the immediate data you need to monitor cryptocurrency prices at a glance.

Cointickr Real-Time Crypto Token Forex Desktop Ticker

Scrolling costs time and time is money.  The real-time coin ticker can set up to 5 alerts when seconds count. 

Each alert will sound the alarm and flashlights to get you in on the action, whether you’re a heavy investor or just like to throw your spare change into crypto.

Cointickr Alerts

The display screen’s green or red light indicates ups and downs in the market allowing you real-time updates to get in or out of the action.

Regardless if you are a short-term investor or in it for a longer haul, you can adjust the time frames between hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly fluctuations.

Do you like to diversify your crypto investments?  Chain multiple coin ticker’s together with the built-in magnets to monitor all of your coins in real-time.

The crypto price tracker maintains automatic up-to-date firmware through WIFI connectivity and is IP67 waterproof so you can even monitor your prices while playing with your rubber duckie in the tub.

Cointickr Waterproof

How to use the Crypto Coin Ticker

Set up is simple.  Choose your exchange, cryptocurrency, fiat currency, time interval and update frequency.  Set up your alerts and watch the money roll in.

The OLED anti-glare screen has multiple adjustments for screen brightness and zero latency so you will never miss a change in price.

Claim your 42% reduction in retail price when you pre-order from the Kickstarter crypto coin tracker project below.

Where to Buy the Crypto Price Tracker

Cointickr: Real-Time Physical Crypto / Token &Amp; Forex Ticker
CoinTickr: Real-Time Physical Crypto / Token & Forex Ticker
$69.00 $119.00

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