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Comfortable Anti Anxiety Dog Bed Calms During Those Stressful Dog Days


The Anti Anxiety Dog Bed may be Just What Your Dog Needs During Pattern Disruptions, Storms, or Other Stressful Times

The plush Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog Bed allow your dog a familiar and warm place to burrow as if sleeping with their birth litter to ward off the stress of a daily dogs life.

Obviously our dogs cannot speak to us in plain human terms to say “Hey, I think I am feeling a little pressure in my chest and maybe have a little irrational fear coming on.”

Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog Bed Charcoal

But out furry best friends do have ways of showing that they are going through a little dog anxiety.

Symptoms of sudden chewing, excessive barking or whining, or any sign of the 3 Ps, peeing ,panting, and pacing can all be signals that your dog is going through stress or anxiety.

Anxiety Dog Bed Charcoal Cream

The Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog bed can be an effective and natural way for your dog to cure his or her fear on their own.

Saving you lots of heart ache and maybe a few bucks on a vet bill.

Do Anti Anxiety Dog Beds Work?

One of the biological needs of our dogs is frequent affection.

Studies have shown that when you pet and love on your dog, even just speak to them, it releases higher level of Oxytocin (social hormone) while decreasing Cortisol a hormone linked to stress and anxiety.

Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog Bed Charcoal Light Grey

The Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Bed fulfills your dog’s biological need of affection by providing a familiar warm and cozy environment akin to them snuggling next to their siblings after birth in the litter.

Whether you are home or away, your dog can depend on the anti anxiety dog bed as an effective cuddly shag that provides a calming & self-warming place to rest their head, get better sleep, and promote joint health.

What is the Calming Bed Made Of?

The Comfy+ is an all natural, drug-free approach to your dogs anxiety treatment.  Each bed is made from ultra-soft, vegan anti-bacterial faux fur, which gives your pet a warm plush place lay.

Your pet can lay their head and even prop up their legs on the plush member foam donut cushion that encompasses the bed.

Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog Bed Charcoal White

Is the Anti Anxiety Dog Bed Machine Washable?

Yes!  The Comfy+ calming dog bed was built to last, is machine washable and will be a long lasting spa experience from the comfort of home.

Recommended washing methods include washing “cool” or “delicate” setting and drying on a “delicate” setting.

You can find your preferred dog bed in Charcoal, Cream, Light Grey, Pink and White.  Sizes range from XS to XXL for a furry pal between 5 and 160 lbs

Where to Buy the Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog Bed
Comfy+ Anti Anxiety Dog Bed
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