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Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp With Dimmable LED 360° Touch Control


The Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp is the Most Unique LED Lamp Available!

Update - 2020.10.22The crowdfunding campaign for this product has not been active since May 2020.  If the campaign becomes active or product available we will update this page.

The designers of the Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp have reinvented the table lamp to benefit you in more ways than just lighting.  The touch control LED lamp is not only cordless, it is waterproof, flame retardant, and gives you full body 360° touch control with smooth dimming.

The minimalist design of the cordless table lamp eliminates buttons while maintaining a memory of your desired brightness setting.  So, the next time you turn it on, it is right back to where you like it.  Now you can customize your lighting in each room to the optimal glow.

The Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp is powered through a USB-C fast charging port that fills the charge in 2.5 hours for 12 hours of illumination.  You can even use the USB-C port putting a quick charge on your mobile device.

The lightweight table lamp is trimmed down to its fighting weight at just under 2 lbs.  Easy to tip over you say?  Nope! the designers also added a tip free pad under the base that keeps the lamp in place.

The LED lamp base comes in three colors of mint, white, and black.  They even have optional lamp shades to fit any taste of home decor.  It can be used for mood lighting, desk lamp, or for end tables.

According to the latest update on their Indiegogo page at the time of this post, the Cuppa is back in production and they are currently shipping orders.

Where to Buy the Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp with Dimmable Touch Control

Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp with Dimmable Touch Control
Cuppa Cordless Table Lamp with Dimmable Touch Control
$109.00 $149.00

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