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Cousin Eddie RV Inflatable Will Entertain or Annoy Your Neighbors


Cousin Eddie RV Inflatable is a Self Inflatable Replica of the Property Devaluing Full $h!tter RV from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

Update - 2020.08.10GOOD NEWS!  The Cousin Eddie RV Inflatable is back in seasonal stock! (At least until they sell out again)

Are you dreading visits from annoying family members this Christmas? The Cousin Eddie RV inflatable from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation RV scene may be your last chance to stave them off.  It’s available now at Home Depot!

This immediately recognizable, 4 foot tall, 7.5 foot long, pre-lit RV is inevitably bound to catch the attention of passersby, for better or worse.  They even included the septic hose in case there is any doubt of its origin.

It also makes the perfect Christmas decoration to leave up until March, in case there is anyone in your neighborhood association you haven’t pi$$ed off yet.

If you are as obsessed with Christmas decorations as Clark Griswald and have uppity neighbors like the Griswald family the shock value alone is worth the investment.

If you already own the Cousin Eddie RV inflatable and are looking to add to your Christmas Vacation home decor, you can find the 6′ Clark Griswald Inflatable here at

Where to Buy the Cousin Eddie RV Inflatable

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