Crap Strap Is A Way To Go Poop When There is Nowhere to Go


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The Crap Strap is the #1 Needed Item When #2 Comes Calling in the Backwoods

If you have even taken a crap in the woods, you know it’s not easy.  The Crap Strap is a revolutionary new way to drop turds among the timbers.

Now you can just lean back and relax without bending your bum against that rough scratchy bark.

Crap Strap Tree Strap

The tree strap for pooping, officially named the Krapp Strapp, is a wide strap that is placed around your upper waist and easily tied to a tree to hold you in the perfect position for a poo.

It even comes with two side pockets to store your toilet paper or Dude Wipes.

Crap Strap Tree Strap

The Krapp Strapp is sturdy holding up to 400 lbs so anyone answering the call of nature in nature can drop dung while taking in the sweet sights and sounds of the wilderness.

Just make sure the tree you strap on to holds your weight as well to avoid any unnecessary messes.

Crap Strap Tree Strap

This durable stern strap is made outdoors complete with carabiners and padded “seating” so just lean back, relax, and do your doody.

For those deep leaners, you can adjust the strap for your perfect angle to maximize your output.

Crap Strap Tree Strap

If the only trees around couldn’t hold a squirrel leaning against them, wrap the strap around your tow hitch for a more secure shite session.

Crap Strap Tree Strap

For those who like to relax a little too much while eliminating and feel more comfortable with a toilet seat, check out Cabela’s Camp Commode Toilet Seat with a side table for a magazine or your phone.

Cabela'S Camp Commode Toilet Seat

The poop strap for outdoors is perfect for camping, cycling, fishing, hunting, hiking, construction workers working remotely, and even the occasional roadside emergency.

The crap strap eliminates the need for tree-hugging and frees up your hands for things that are necessary.

Where to Buy the Krapp Strapp

The Krapp Strapp
The Krapp Strapp

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