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Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


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If you don’t know a crazy cat lady, everyone knows someone who is well on their way.

No matter if they have gained the status worthy of the crazy cat lady action figure, they are easily identifiable.  The fur on the fuzzy sweater doesn’t appear to be of manufacture origin.  They use cat nip for aroma therapy, or they are frequent face time with their furry felines throughout the day.  Does this sound like someone you know?

Give the gift of this humorous feline favor to add some humor to the office, or give it to the one who has one too many pussycat pals.  Any animal lover will get a kick out of the crazy cat lady action figure.  The action figure makes a funny gag gift.  For more check out our category for some awesome white elephant gifts.

Here is what one cat lover said about the crazy cat lady action figure:

“I am in my 50’s, unmarried and have 4 cats and my friends call me the crazy cat lady, so I had to buy this. It’s very cute. I really like the 6 cats! Nice novelty item. Would be a great gift for someone like me.” – jalapenohelen

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