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The Crunch Cup A Clever Portable Cereal Cup For On The Go

Cereal Lovers Rejoice! Get no Spill Cereal On-The-Go with The Crunch Cup

To some, cereal is nearly a fetish. Until the worlds greatest portable cereal to go cup, driving a car or riding the bus while eating cereal was a haphazard exercise in consumption.

Cereal on the go, usually, resulted in a bit of self waterboarding with milk and soggy cereal. Now, cereal lovers of all appetites can celebrate freedom with the Crunch Cup and the new XL version.

The Crunch Cup Portable Cereal To Go

The convenient portable cereal cup keeps your cereal crunchy by separating the cereal from the milk in two separate cups.

Simply, pour your cereal into the inner cup, your milk into the outer cup, screw on the lid and your ready to go.  Your cereal will stay crunchy until the two meet in your mouth.

The CrunchCup Portable Cereal To Go

So whether your favorite cereal is Poop Like A Champion cereal or Captain Crunch, you will be able to enjoy your morning meal on the go or evening snack on the couch.

Now, you can take your cereal on-the-go with this dual-chambered tumbler made of durable, BPA-free Tritan.  It is reusable and dishwasher safe.

Crunch Cup XL

Now you can enjoy the same sweet morning goodness with cereal in a cup, only a lot more!

The original cup holds about 1 cup of cereal and 12 oz of milk.  The Crunch Cup XL holds two servings of cereal in 12 ounces of milk.

Whether you have a big appetite or just an appeteaser to hold you over til lunch, CrunchCup has a cereal to go solution for you.

How the Crunch Cup Works

Just chuck the bowl and spoon, and off you go to enjoy your cereal, literally anywhere. Great gift for anyone who loves breakfast but is too busy to keep their butts pinned to a seat for five minutes.

Where To Buy The Crunch Cup Cereal Cup or Crunch Cup XL

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