WOWCube – World’s First Twistable Gaming Console


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WOWCUbe System is Designed to Fill a Unique Gaming Void!

WOWCube is a mixed reality gaming system that infuses console gaming technology with tactile activities that stimulate cognitive performance and enhance motor skills with extremely defined graphics on 24 screens.

Gaming control on the WOWCube comes by way of twisting the cube, similar to its inspirational Rubik’s Cube, and shaking the cube to achieve your gaming mission.

The tangible interaction comes by way of 8 multi-screen cubes within the cube itself.

Download your favorite games from the mobile app and start playing.

Wowcube - World'S First Twistable Gaming Console

There are no clicks, joysticks, or controllers. Just tilt the main cube, twist the sub-cubes, and shake to complete your puzzle, word game, maze, or arcade game.

What’s more, the WOWCube is not just for gaming!  Cubio has designed the system to be compatible with open API development and a multitude of open-source functionality.

Wowcube - World'S First Twistable Gaming Console

Use the cube as a clock, or weather station, or connect it to your smart home network to control the indoor climate.

The WOWCube can also be used to enhance at-home education through worldwide-developed apps.

Learn math, letters, words, and shapes, or go further in education by displaying molecular atomic structure.

The only limitation is in the minds of app developers around the world.

Games for the WOWCube

Download games for the gaming cube through the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile device.  Then upload the games, change settings, connect to Bluetooth, and update the system through the mobile app.

Download SteamPipe, then rotate the cube, combining the pipes into a closed system.  Once the piping system is sealed, you’ll move to the next level.

Wowcube - World'S First Twistable Gaming Console

If you want to play Pong, don’t think this is the outdated Atari version, this is amplified Pong on steroids.

To play, you will tilt and twist to maneuver your pong ball through a maze of landmines and divided walls.  You can obtain health and points bonuses along the way.

Just feel like zoning out for a while?  There is the classic cube game, reminiscent of Rubic’s cube to solve.

Other games offered are Laborynth, Hyperspace, MonsterMath, and Shapes.

Wowcube - World'S First Twistable Gaming Console

If you want a brain fryer of a game, 2048, is a highly addictive mathematical game where you manipulate the sub cubes by twisting, and the goal is to align the 24 sub screens to add up to 2048.

The Rubic-style gaming system is designed to not only fit your whole family but, to fit your life at home or on the go.

Release dates and the WOWCube price will be revealed at CES 2021 on January 11th.  We will keep this page updated as we learn more.

Where to Buy the WOWCube

Wowcube Entertainment System
WOWCube Entertainment System
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