Cuss Collar Is A Dog Wearable That Cusses When Your Dog Barks


Cuss Collar Is a Real Dog Collar that Swears Everytime your Dog Barks!

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you?  Maybe its better you don’t know!  The Cuss Collar is a dog caller that plays pre-recorded swear words every time your dog barks.  Maybe your mutt doesn’t want outside.  Maybe he is just venting by dropping f-bombs and needs to get it out.

This unique bark collar is hilariously funny, but so wrong with kids in the room.  The makers of this grumpy collar want to make clear the only shock going on with this collar is on the unsuspecting do gooder that would never speak of such things.

The dog collar is made of patent leather with an injection-molded speaker that shouts explicatives every time your pup has something to say.   Can you imagine your sweet K9 belting out a barrage of cursing the next time you take it for a walk and he wants to berate the neighbors dog?

Good comedy doesn’t always come for free but the Cuss Collar provides unexpected bouts of laughter over and over again and is definitely worth the investment.  Your dogs have had enough fun at your expense maybe it’s time for you to have some at theirs.

Where to Buy the Cuss Collar for Dogs

Cuss Collar The Hilarious Barking Collar For Dogs
Cuss Collar The Hilarious Barking Collar For Dogs

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