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Dark Humor MisFortune Cookies Are Brutally Honest


If you like a Passive Aggressive Prank, Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies Pack a Sweet Taste and a Merciless Punch

The Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies are not for the easily offended.  The cookies themselves are sweet tasting traditional fortune cookies colored in black signifying grim fate that is hard to swallow.

These ruthless fortune cookies will create a curious pause for those about to meet what dark destiny awaits.  Each cookie wrapping displays a creepy creature with deranged eyes waiting to reveal the sinister fortune.

The wickedly witty messages include:

  • You have an inferiority complex, and it’s entirely justified
  • There are no certainties in life, except that you will have another terrible day tomorrow
  • At least I believe in you, Me, a piece of paper

Every unsuspecting recipient will have a chuckle over the darkers side of life.  You can find these black biscuits in sets of 8 or 13 (of course) at

Where to Buy the Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

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