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Darth Vader TIE Fighter Desk Lamp An Awesome Desk Addition

Come to the Dark Side and Fight Your Desktop Jedi Missions With the Darth Vader TIE Fighter Desk Lamp.

The Darth Vader TIE Fighter desk lamp is an official Star Wars replica. With its Anglepoise lamp design and triple jointed mount, it illuminates mission targets on your desk at any desired position.  The lamp is equipped with a 10 foot USB power cord and an LED bulb.

Although the glactic starfighter lacks the combat shields, hyperdrive, and life-support systems, you’ll have light to clear your mission sheet.

We know you want to expose your dark side….(not that dark side), and it’s not always so easy to display your Star Wars desktop toys at work.  Well, now you can fly your TIE Fighter high, low, or anywhere in between.

When fully extended the lamp flies at 23″ high and skims the surface at a couple of inches when folded down.  If your boss is not concerned with desk covering toys, buy a dozen and fly an entire fleet throughout the office.

If your into galactic lampware but not into the Star Wars theme, check out this awe inspired 3D Space Shuttle Blast Off Lamp.

Where to Buy the Darth Vader TIE Fighter Desk Lamp

Tie Fighter Desk Lamp
Tie Fighter Desk Lamp

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