Das Beer Boot Glass Is Right On Time For Oktoberfest


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This Massive Das Beer Boot Glass Holds Up to 40 Ounces of Beer or Whatever Else Your Into

The Das Beer Boot will put you in a celebratory mood after knocking down a few cold ones.

We are approaching October, famous for Oktoberfest celebrations around the world!  Now you can celebrate with your very own Oktoberfest Beer Boot.

What is a Beer Boot?

After their first appearance in 19th century England, the tradition of drinking beer from a boot was made popular by German soldiers.

What started as a hazing ritual for soldiers to drink from a fellow soldier’s actual boot became a celebration of victory in battle.

Did you ever think you would be so appreciative of the use of glass?  Beats drinking from a sweaty battle-worn boot any day!

Das Boot was made famous in the US on the release of the American comedy movie Beerfest in 2006.

Each Das Beer Boot is a giant beer glass and can hold up to approximately 4 beers.

If you are not a fan of drinking beer from a boot, you can drink other things or use the boot for a decorative display.

We do not, however, condone filling it with 5 Hour Energy drinks, unless you want to be up for six months.

But if you are a beer fan, this makes drinking beer exponentially more fun.

How to Drink Das Boot

When drinking Das Boot, it depends on how much beer you can drink and how fast you want it delivered. 

The ultimate challenge is to turn the toe of the boot upwards for the fastest delivery.

Turn the toe down and the beverage pours slowly.

Thirdly, turn the toe sideways for ultimate control of how much and how fast.

Before you go unlocking your inner soldier and embark on the boot drinking, check out this hilarious cut from Vat19.

Das Boot Music Video

Where to Buy the Das Beer Boot

Hand-blown Giant Glass Beer Boot
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Das Beer Boot

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