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Deadpool Head The Disembodied Dysfunctional Interactive Roommate


The Disembodied Deadpool Head may be the Roommate you Love to Hate, but, it Makes a Great Tool to Prank Your Family and Friends.

The Marvel Legends Interactive Deadpool Head stands out in your comic collection, because it is an electronic, interactive, app-enhanced head that reacts to movement and has over 600 sound effects and self absorbed phrases.

One aspect you should probably pay attention to is that this is an adult collectible not advised for kids.  The Deadpool head can be set up through the free app and uses multiple sensors to activate the 18+ like insults and pranks.

Your codependent Deadpool roommate will take his own initiative to introduce himself to your guests in the most inappropriate way.  Furthermore, he won’t just stop with insults, the multiplex of motors also generate many expressions such as stares, eye rolls, and more in the most irreverent ways.

Set the app enhanced, dysfunctional dead head in any unsuspecting location and he will shockingly surprise anyone who approaches.  Or just set him on the end table to keep you entertained.

Where to Buy the Deadpool Head By Hasbro

Marvel Legends Deadpool's Premium Interactive Head
Marvel Legends Deadpool's Premium Interactive Head

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