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Death Nut Challenge 2: Hottest Blazing Carolina Reaper Peanuts On Earth


The all new Death Nut Challenge 2 brings a whole new level of HELL-acious fiery fury.

Version 2 of the death nut challenge adds 5 new progressive levels of insanely hot peanuts.  Can you get through the hottest peanuts on earth? The box contains peanuts covered in some of the hottest peppers known and is only for the true spice Spartans.

The seasoning on the peanuts includes spices from the Carolina Reaper Pepper, Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper, and more.  Oh, and we forgot to mention the addition of pure all natural Capsaicin Crystals which add 13,000,000 Scoville to the already skin melting last peanut.

When you arrive at the final peanut your facing heat that is over 1000 times the spice of a jalapeno.  Conquer this nut and you will be a Death Nut warrior.  Enjoy the brief victory celebration, because there is soon a price to pay.Don’t forget to check out our post on A$$ Blaster Hot Sauce, so hot it comes with its own outhouse!

Where to Buy the Death Nut Challenge 2.o

Death Nut Challenge 2.0
Death Nut Challenge 2.0

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