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Decorative Stair Risers Add An Artistic Twist To Stairwells


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Decorative Stair Risers Transform your Stairway into an Elongated Mural.

These amazing  Stair Risers can liven up a normally drab empty spot in your home.  The easy install panels come with an adhesive backing for fool-proof installation.

The special process used to make the panels results in a deeply vivid design that is durable and fade resistant.  Each panel is easily replaced without damage to your stairwell.

You can find decorative stair risers in an endless amount of themes including these and more:

  • Romantic City themes
  • Beautiful Mountain Streams and Waterfalls
  • Beach or Lakefront themes
  • Water fall or Stream themes
  • Woodland themes
  • Floral Themes
  • Multi cultural Mosaic Glass Themes
  • Night Scenic Themes

Where to Buy Decorative Stair Risers For Your Home or Office

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